March 13, 2011

so where you been then

i realized that sometimes my 52weeks project consists of a photo that summarizes the week or a photo that i took during the week. this week is the second option. i wasn't being lazy (not really), i was just really busy. i spent all week studying for sats and finally took them yesterday. and i couldn't draw for the giveaway after that because my family wanted to drag me around outside all day. then when i got back, i tried to watch snl but my eyelids wanted to sew themselves shut so i listened to it instead and fell asleep at 1. today i woke up at 3:50pm daylight savings time. i really hate waking up super late on sundays because then i can't sleep right before the monday to come. i have a us double homework to do but i'm probably going to push that for tomorrow at school, because now i am lazy.

the drawing is closed, i cut all your names and put them in a box. i've done the video, going to upload now. i am going to be busy this week also.. printing, maybe some shoots, tests, and shit like that. oh i think we get report cards too. i actually can't wait to see mine, i'm really sure i did better this time. haha i just a got a letter from america's beauty pageant's 2011 miss teen.. how did they get my information? "i'm writing to you today, to let you know that you are eligible to participate.." what?? naw. this is going in my shelf of disregarded letters. yeah, SHELF.

let's discuss entertainment, or just listen to me write about it. i saw the csi episode 'living legend', it's definitely one of my favorites. because mickey dunn is played by roger daltrey, singer of the who, singer of the show's theme song! gahh i love ironyyy! and what is up with pro videos of 12 year old singer wannabes? so awful, terrible stuff.. just grow up first unless you're willow smith.