March 25, 2011

what friday

yeah i'm home. early. not hanging out. on a friday. eating my baked ziti like boss. okay, i just need to tell yall i'm gonna get my shit together this weekend. i need to make up all my missing homework and print the giveaway stuff and develop old film and and snail mail the giveaway stuff. i've been so delayed on that and i'm sorry. they will def be done tomorrow.

this post shall continue after the photo lab.

edit: spent all day in park slope. one of three rolls i developed today was from our house in pennsylvania; it was half exposed and half empty. the other two rolls came out really great and i got my giveaway prints printed. the post office however failed to cooperate so i will have to buy stamps monday and everything will be sent out that day.

i also left a print in a book for the bookstore project that i am obviously still doing with gaps here and there. it is at barnes and noble in park slope, brooklyn: looking for alaska by john green in teen fiction. it's the book i'm currently reading.

and here is my photo break of me going places