April 8, 2011

feline staff only

today, i skipped school and went to pratt with elizabeth and my parents. it was the first school i actually toured this year and i laaaahv it. i would still go to sva over pratt but this is definitely one that i will apply for. my mom hates it because it's so old (they have an engine room that dates back to 1898 for the standard oil company) but the campus is pretty modern and nothing bothers me. adding more to how great it is there, they own cats, pratt cats. not necessarily belonging to the school but to students who brought their cats with them and they just basically roam around the campus. i only saw one today and i wouldn't mind if they hopped on my lap while i drew nude models.

i cleaned most of my room when we got back. now i'm redecorating one of my walls with my recent film prints. it's going to be really sad when i live away from home, i can't tear these memories down and bring them with me. that's one of the reasons why i resort to uploading a lot of my photos on the web, so i can always check up on them in case i need to reminisce (you know that feeling? no? okay). after i'm done, i'm going to feel like wanting to build a sim house (which i haven't done in so long) or start my smfa essay or watch more csi. i don't know, i think i'll do my homework and see what happens.