April 17, 2011

home is a fire

i made my own twix bars today, following this recipe with milk chocolate. crunchy stuff.. i also made cake-like brownies for brownie sundaes since my cousins were over. yeahhh i was kinda bored. i woke up and did homework on a sunday afternoon.

photos for this week are all on my ae-1 and they haven't been developed yet so it'll be a while. school didn't end so well, i can't stop worrying about college. i've never had this much homework on a break either. they should rename breaks because they're not breaks at all. this is going to be a good week though. i'll be travelin the east coast for mansions, whales, lobster, aquariums, bowling, and all the fun stuff. yesterday i was in cesars bay during a storm. i stomped across parking lots pissed off i couldn't get a new bike and had forgotten i left my umbrella in the car but didn't care so let myself get wet and then tried to find the car but it kept transporting. then i went home and turned my hair into silk and redid my bed.

i watched adventureland for the first time too. i'm so bored.. i'm going to go take my april instax of the tree right now. there's this huge cloud coming.