April 27, 2011

i think i'll start a new life

"she said i think i'll go to boston"

alright hey. my spring break was pretty chill. the day after the plaza, i was at the hospital. wanna guess why? family matters. i haven't been in a hospital since my sister was in an ambulance. so last weekend, i went touring around the small eastern coast states: connecticut, rhode island, and massachusetts. it was ultra funnn even though there was no sunnn until sunday. i like packing the right outfits.. i'm always prepared for anything.

well i finally developed four rolls yesterday, all came out so beautiful. i experimented on double.. and triple exposure.. some were not as good but practice makes perfect. i have a black and white roll i need to develop in school sometime soon and one more color roll from a souvenir camera to finish. so in chronological order, the shots with my friends came first. one is above, of my friend for eight years.. ivana, showing off her amazing gymnastic skills capture inspired by some levitation photographers. i think i should try one.. levitation.

these photos are from the breakers mansion that belonged to the vanderbilts located in newport, rhode island. it is excruciatingly gorgeous over there. i have a thing for versailles-inspired interior design and the old english architecture of the place, NOT TO MENTION their damn backyard, the fucking atlantic ocean. when i was there, it was misty and foggy and you couldn't see anything clearly but i liked it. they didn't allow photos to be taken indoors which was a shame, i would've stuck out my camera for one shot but there were literally guards everywhere. i don't understand why we can't take no-flash photography.. oh "to preserve the state for future generations".. what? well this is one place i'd like to have my wedding at, it is so nice there. more photos are uploaded on my facebook, including yale and harvard i think. i went there because.. i could, i mean they are not potential schools for me as far as my academics go but it didn't hurt to stop by. harvard is possible for anyone if you have something to offer the school, and this was something i had to think about the rest of the weekend.

for easter, i went to visit the trinity church in massachusetts. i didn't go in because 1. didn't want to bother the religious fellows inside and 2. long line to go in lasted across the street. afterward i went on a little cruise on the waters of boston, not paying much attention to where the boston tea party had their party or why some buildings and bridges were built but rather taking a lot of photos around the boat. this picture above is pretty funny.. i was on the front of the ship where it was super windy, i asked my sister to hold my hat as i took this photo of a reflection off a window because i thought the angle of it was cool. i didn't know that this was the cabin where the boat captains were so after i shot it, i realized that the dude in there turned from the camera when i took it. hahaha.. silly.

more on boston.. i got accepted to a precollege program in boston (actually the only one i applied for) and i will be there for all of july! i'm so excited! (i realized i always end my posts with being excited) well i really am, i can't wait to meet new people and travel places i just went to, and take photos, and live away from home oh my god i'm hyped.

now my first day back at school from vacation.. i was dead. i did not write anything or take out my notebook till 7th period, a class that i did not pay enough attention to even though i have to put up the homework tomorrow, because i was busy yawning and holding my head up and attempting to open my eyes. unsuccessful. at least there's only two more days of this week till may. may reminds me that there is only one more month of school since june is mostly exams.. such a shame. i really hated this year, the most stressful one yet. i also changed the wallpaper for four computers in the school computer lab to teenage dream lyrics today. anyway, i don't know if i have homework to attend to right now so i guess i'll rsvp for a movie premiere tomorrow (awesome right? excitesss).