April 20, 2011

i'm allyson and i live at the plaza

it was not a good day to go out yesterday. i went to bed at 2 and woke up at 10:30. plus it was raining and gloomy and the wind was having moodswings. our plan was to get lost in the plaza and capture what we can get. i'm glad i went with it. we owned the eloise shop, hopped ropes, waited for people to move, and kind of trespassed anywhere we needed to go to just to get a photo. this duo will do anything to get a photo.

afterward we went to another hotel to chill, magnolia's at grand central terminal (caramel cupcake was delishhh), the steven a. schwarzman library, then home. racing hearts from sneaking around is a thrill but you get tired quick. so anyway, the rest of the photos are on my facebook. and i will be away this weekend so i chose one of the photos as my 52weeks. i still need to develop the roll from last week but unfortunately i still haven't finished it yet. i'll definitely do it when i come back next week along other rolls. i'm exciteddd!