April 2, 2011

when i was 17

i never actually watched that show but it got me thinking... for what reason would they make a show for what you did when you were specifically seventeen? was it that important? my answer is yes, it is my last chance to be childish and the world will accept it. it is the time to get prepared for the hurricane of judgment and approval of the next eighty or so years . but right now at the age of seventeen, i'm just scared out of my pants for college and the rest of the process of growing up.

i just finished putting together my smfa portfolio and signing my aib application. also, i'm pacing back and forth about whether or not to apply for parsons paris pre college. and that's just the college side, which took half the day. i still have to return to high school and answer multiple choices on acids and bases and draw the anatomy of my whole body by sunday night. well over onto the side where i can please myself, i tried out the new dunkin donuts down the avenue today, walked 239084 miles around the hood, and my mom opened a debit card for me (yes!).

the past thursday was the college fair and it was a real wake up call. i love love love sva but not risd. now i know what they're looking for in a portfolio and grades and i know what the school is all about. you know in total, i now have two online portfolios, and two print portfolios, probably one more to come. the next happiest day of my life is when i get accepted to a reach school.