May 29, 2011

lookin for

a hair stylist and make-up artist and assistant(s) based in new york city (manhattan and brooklyn) area. this girl has no money so i cannot pay you for helping bc she ain't pro (yet).
if interested, email meeeee~

otherwise, i'll hav to do everydang maself jeez

i feel like

shit. everything.. hurts. today was a pain in the ass. i woke up constantly between 6 and 9 am. then i realized i had a red eye infection. then i bought ten bucks worth of postage for a package that said no postage necessary. then it got hotter. then i wasted time running around brooklyn getting shit that nobody even used. and everything i guess still sucked. i have probably been sick since thursday with this stupid stuffed/runny nose. i look like i'm crying when i have a red eye and a runny nose. best part of today though, i got four rolls of film developed. i'm going to fix them over time before i upload them on flickr..some were messed up. i also have to edit more photos from the twiggy shoot this past week. i'm too fucking tired. i wanted to wash my hair and even take a shower but i don't feel like it. i just want to take all my clothes off and lie on my bed with the moon shining through in the dark as the only light source.

june is going to fucking suck ass. i'm going to be sick.

edit 5/29:
yeah, i'm heating up. i am in so much pain and i don't know why. i'll be seeing the doctor tomorrow, to draw blood.. i don't think i'll be able to with my immune system acting weird. anyway, i'll try to fill ya in about the past week. i had a photo shoot with polina, twiggy-style, on wednesday. the set-up was quick and i appointed directions here and there because we were very limited in time and room. it was supposed to be a bert stern/ richard avedon-inspired shoot but everything ended up being twiggy poses when makeup took too long. the wardrobe, hair and makeup styling, photos, and retouching were all done by me; i could not be more proud of anything else. this has been my favorite shoot in the longest time. i'm still in the process of editing more as well as editing the recent roll of film i got developed yesterday. friday, i went to see hangover 2. i expected the plot to be exactly the same as the first, and it disappointingly was. today, i rode my bike with amanda at the park, even though we were both in pain of some kind. she was getting cramps after the calorie-burning so i made her go back to my house and i made her tea and heated up a pack of gel for her. then took her bike and walked her home because she was going to drop dead from a heat stroke.

[insert deleted long rant about asshole friends here]
can't wait till boston.

May 22, 2011

it needs to stop raining..

or at least pretending to rain.. because I CANNOT TAKE ANY GOOD PHOTOS IN THIS WEATHER. when there is a fog, i will be half asleep with no camera in hand and more or less worrying about something coming up behind me. when it is raining, i will be indoors chillaxin like a normal person watching movies because precipitating photos are not my thang. i like happy sappy photos. seriously though, these clouds need to lift. i don't want to see 40% or 30% or even 20% possible precipitation on my forecast. i changed my curtains to a lighter color because i thought i could wake up with a brighter room. i want to wear dresses and shorts and tanks and shoes made out of material that isn't meant to be soaked in. just get here summer, spring has been pretty cold to me.

on another note, i finished my first 52weeks project. i won't write a whole deal on what the last photo means to me because i know i will continue and start a new year but i did want to make it somewhat special. i just decided to clear my bedroom floor of everything like it had in the first photo of the project and recreate it, of course with new clothes. the missing sunlight should tell you how the whole end of the month has been, rainy, gloomy, gray, not much sun to be shining.

on the brighter side, i've already mentioned this, my photo is being featured in the teen art gallery this summer. i really do hope all new york city residents will be able to attend it for me while i'm gone. i will make another post about details when the date nears. the photo is for sale, just like the others, so someone.. buy it! lol. if it sells, i will be setting up a print sale when i come back to the city.. or am i too hopeful right now. whatever, i'm happy for the price set on it, and that i even got this chance. all these chances this summer as a matter of fact. i'm pretty thankful for everything in my life so far. if i died on saturday, which i didn't, i can tell you i'm happy. i was in times square with robert fitzpatrick at the time doomsday was supposed to come. hahah.. no i was actually watching this protest on how this group of people are not african-americans (it was depressing, those photos they held up) (i think they were called israelites or something) and brought my lil bro to toys r us. anyway, i am hungry. i've been sitting in my room with shorts and a tank and my heater on, trying to make the impression on my body that it's summer when it's actually like 50 degrees.

May 15, 2011

these last three hours

i have completed my first photo book (yeah i named it after a strokes song. what are you going to do about it?). of course, none of you will buy it. not that i don't want you to (but you will order it right..?) .. i have to figure out how to sell first. so i only ordered myself one copy. i really hope it's all vivid and not pixellated. when it is made open to order, you will discover a new fact about me ;) i also got eaten alive by a fruit fly in six different places including a rash that went up and down my right arm. i wanted to skin myself.. anyway i'm sorry i haven't been posting. i had a rough school week and i was just really sleepy this weekend (i fell asleep watching snl, shhh) and i didn't have any homework to do.

i got accepted in the 4% for the teen art gallery, an exhibit based on, for, and by new york city teenage artists. i'm so happy! i found out today that every piece is going to be sold, hopefully, and i get some of the moolah! unfortunately, i won't be in the state for july after the fourth, and the show is on the seventh. that means i won't be able to see everyone's work, but you guys will take your car, plane, ship, bike or whatever to see the gallery for me though, yes? :( more on the downside, it will rain all seven days of this week... at least my rain-repellent boots will be put to use again. anyhow, i'm sad and excited this school year is ending. i'm actually more scared than sad. there is so much i have to do before i leave.. it'll be okay.

May 13, 2011

lol. i love when i post a photo on tumblr and it will always manage to reach the owner's own tumblr.
yeah i made a post just for that. i'm too tired to say anything else.

May 7, 2011


looks like i had two shoots this week. i did absolutely nothing in school today. i don't know why i went, i would have turned around if i had the chance. fortunately, i found my all my friends during eighth period and left with them. only four of us went to noa's place. the sun was high and i happened to bring my camera.. i cooked pasta for everyone and did allyson's hairdos. hundreds of photos were shot but i only uploaded like a hundred.

i am too tired.. but i am satisfied with my week. while everyone else was stressing over ap exams, the sats tomorrow, and other academic tests, i did nothing. it looks really bad on my transcript but i just can't do anything about it. i fixed up a photo for my mom and grandma for mother's day, just needed to buy frames. the may issue of teen ink came today, i was published again but i'm not that glad about it because it was a small black and white publication. i will continue to submit until i get my photo dominating the page. i also got the disposable that is part of a nationwide chain camera project by josephine demme. i can't wait to shoot my frame, this project got me excited from the start. i think it's an experimental idea, this project, i've done a lot of experimenting this week. most probably because i had a lot of free time on my hands and because i was really curious.

i'm going to bed right after this. i think i'm going to make a stop-motion video with imovie tomorrow. i can't do it in school because they don't save incomplete projects so i'll do it at home. some photos of the shoot are on my flickr, the rest on my facebook. i recently made a new curve that gives the summer shine effect on the photos and i looove it. can't wait for the next season.

May 5, 2011

my day in bullets

i really don't have time to describe how great/unfortunate my life is the past 24 hours right now so i'm going to make a list before i forget.

yesterday afterschool, i had a photo shoot with mariel and polina. a really fun one involving the class projector and some backgrounds i found. it all lasted about an hour and a half or so, pretty short but it was just an experiment i was dying to try. onward to today in chronological order:
  1. wake up at 6am, feels like winter, nose is cold, refuse to get up
  2. ran for my life trying to catch a bus, with a neighbor
  3. buy a full breakfast, finish the whole breakfast before getting to school
  4. learned that handling lead in lab is safe and it's bendable
  5. english was so boring, i decided to participate
  6. spent a period sitting in the dark with bayli singing like there's no tomorrow
  7. drew three pages in my sketchbook
  8. finished a crossword with the teacher and azra
  9. found out our nude model passed away, felt really bad because i didn't like her that well
  10. ate watermelon for lunch
  11. got up and did math for the class, oh
  12. sat in the gymnasium with my shorts and sneakers all ready to run and shit but instead had to listen to the teachers bitch about one kid's parents
  13. watched a video on the 50s.. love it, i noticed everyone was awake, also didn't hand in any homework lol
  14. make intimidating eye contact with good looking guys while leaving school
  15. on the subway ride home, sit in front of elementary classmate, some faces just don't change..
  16. make brownies and cookies
  17. do homework
  18. write this post