May 29, 2011

i feel like

shit. everything.. hurts. today was a pain in the ass. i woke up constantly between 6 and 9 am. then i realized i had a red eye infection. then i bought ten bucks worth of postage for a package that said no postage necessary. then it got hotter. then i wasted time running around brooklyn getting shit that nobody even used. and everything i guess still sucked. i have probably been sick since thursday with this stupid stuffed/runny nose. i look like i'm crying when i have a red eye and a runny nose. best part of today though, i got four rolls of film developed. i'm going to fix them over time before i upload them on flickr..some were messed up. i also have to edit more photos from the twiggy shoot this past week. i'm too fucking tired. i wanted to wash my hair and even take a shower but i don't feel like it. i just want to take all my clothes off and lie on my bed with the moon shining through in the dark as the only light source.

june is going to fucking suck ass. i'm going to be sick.

edit 5/29:
yeah, i'm heating up. i am in so much pain and i don't know why. i'll be seeing the doctor tomorrow, to draw blood.. i don't think i'll be able to with my immune system acting weird. anyway, i'll try to fill ya in about the past week. i had a photo shoot with polina, twiggy-style, on wednesday. the set-up was quick and i appointed directions here and there because we were very limited in time and room. it was supposed to be a bert stern/ richard avedon-inspired shoot but everything ended up being twiggy poses when makeup took too long. the wardrobe, hair and makeup styling, photos, and retouching were all done by me; i could not be more proud of anything else. this has been my favorite shoot in the longest time. i'm still in the process of editing more as well as editing the recent roll of film i got developed yesterday. friday, i went to see hangover 2. i expected the plot to be exactly the same as the first, and it disappointingly was. today, i rode my bike with amanda at the park, even though we were both in pain of some kind. she was getting cramps after the calorie-burning so i made her go back to my house and i made her tea and heated up a pack of gel for her. then took her bike and walked her home because she was going to drop dead from a heat stroke.

[insert deleted long rant about asshole friends here]
can't wait till boston.