May 22, 2011

it needs to stop raining..

or at least pretending to rain.. because I CANNOT TAKE ANY GOOD PHOTOS IN THIS WEATHER. when there is a fog, i will be half asleep with no camera in hand and more or less worrying about something coming up behind me. when it is raining, i will be indoors chillaxin like a normal person watching movies because precipitating photos are not my thang. i like happy sappy photos. seriously though, these clouds need to lift. i don't want to see 40% or 30% or even 20% possible precipitation on my forecast. i changed my curtains to a lighter color because i thought i could wake up with a brighter room. i want to wear dresses and shorts and tanks and shoes made out of material that isn't meant to be soaked in. just get here summer, spring has been pretty cold to me.

on another note, i finished my first 52weeks project. i won't write a whole deal on what the last photo means to me because i know i will continue and start a new year but i did want to make it somewhat special. i just decided to clear my bedroom floor of everything like it had in the first photo of the project and recreate it, of course with new clothes. the missing sunlight should tell you how the whole end of the month has been, rainy, gloomy, gray, not much sun to be shining.

on the brighter side, i've already mentioned this, my photo is being featured in the teen art gallery this summer. i really do hope all new york city residents will be able to attend it for me while i'm gone. i will make another post about details when the date nears. the photo is for sale, just like the others, so someone.. buy it! lol. if it sells, i will be setting up a print sale when i come back to the city.. or am i too hopeful right now. whatever, i'm happy for the price set on it, and that i even got this chance. all these chances this summer as a matter of fact. i'm pretty thankful for everything in my life so far. if i died on saturday, which i didn't, i can tell you i'm happy. i was in times square with robert fitzpatrick at the time doomsday was supposed to come. hahah.. no i was actually watching this protest on how this group of people are not african-americans (it was depressing, those photos they held up) (i think they were called israelites or something) and brought my lil bro to toys r us. anyway, i am hungry. i've been sitting in my room with shorts and a tank and my heater on, trying to make the impression on my body that it's summer when it's actually like 50 degrees.