May 5, 2011

my day in bullets

i really don't have time to describe how great/unfortunate my life is the past 24 hours right now so i'm going to make a list before i forget.

yesterday afterschool, i had a photo shoot with mariel and polina. a really fun one involving the class projector and some backgrounds i found. it all lasted about an hour and a half or so, pretty short but it was just an experiment i was dying to try. onward to today in chronological order:
  1. wake up at 6am, feels like winter, nose is cold, refuse to get up
  2. ran for my life trying to catch a bus, with a neighbor
  3. buy a full breakfast, finish the whole breakfast before getting to school
  4. learned that handling lead in lab is safe and it's bendable
  5. english was so boring, i decided to participate
  6. spent a period sitting in the dark with bayli singing like there's no tomorrow
  7. drew three pages in my sketchbook
  8. finished a crossword with the teacher and azra
  9. found out our nude model passed away, felt really bad because i didn't like her that well
  10. ate watermelon for lunch
  11. got up and did math for the class, oh
  12. sat in the gymnasium with my shorts and sneakers all ready to run and shit but instead had to listen to the teachers bitch about one kid's parents
  13. watched a video on the 50s.. love it, i noticed everyone was awake, also didn't hand in any homework lol
  14. make intimidating eye contact with good looking guys while leaving school
  15. on the subway ride home, sit in front of elementary classmate, some faces just don't change..
  16. make brownies and cookies
  17. do homework
  18. write this post