May 15, 2011

these last three hours

i have completed my first photo book (yeah i named it after a strokes song. what are you going to do about it?). of course, none of you will buy it. not that i don't want you to (but you will order it right..?) .. i have to figure out how to sell first. so i only ordered myself one copy. i really hope it's all vivid and not pixellated. when it is made open to order, you will discover a new fact about me ;) i also got eaten alive by a fruit fly in six different places including a rash that went up and down my right arm. i wanted to skin myself.. anyway i'm sorry i haven't been posting. i had a rough school week and i was just really sleepy this weekend (i fell asleep watching snl, shhh) and i didn't have any homework to do.

i got accepted in the 4% for the teen art gallery, an exhibit based on, for, and by new york city teenage artists. i'm so happy! i found out today that every piece is going to be sold, hopefully, and i get some of the moolah! unfortunately, i won't be in the state for july after the fourth, and the show is on the seventh. that means i won't be able to see everyone's work, but you guys will take your car, plane, ship, bike or whatever to see the gallery for me though, yes? :( more on the downside, it will rain all seven days of this week... at least my rain-repellent boots will be put to use again. anyhow, i'm sad and excited this school year is ending. i'm actually more scared than sad. there is so much i have to do before i leave.. it'll be okay.