May 7, 2011


looks like i had two shoots this week. i did absolutely nothing in school today. i don't know why i went, i would have turned around if i had the chance. fortunately, i found my all my friends during eighth period and left with them. only four of us went to noa's place. the sun was high and i happened to bring my camera.. i cooked pasta for everyone and did allyson's hairdos. hundreds of photos were shot but i only uploaded like a hundred.

i am too tired.. but i am satisfied with my week. while everyone else was stressing over ap exams, the sats tomorrow, and other academic tests, i did nothing. it looks really bad on my transcript but i just can't do anything about it. i fixed up a photo for my mom and grandma for mother's day, just needed to buy frames. the may issue of teen ink came today, i was published again but i'm not that glad about it because it was a small black and white publication. i will continue to submit until i get my photo dominating the page. i also got the disposable that is part of a nationwide chain camera project by josephine demme. i can't wait to shoot my frame, this project got me excited from the start. i think it's an experimental idea, this project, i've done a lot of experimenting this week. most probably because i had a lot of free time on my hands and because i was really curious.

i'm going to bed right after this. i think i'm going to make a stop-motion video with imovie tomorrow. i can't do it in school because they don't save incomplete projects so i'll do it at home. some photos of the shoot are on my flickr, the rest on my facebook. i recently made a new curve that gives the summer shine effect on the photos and i looove it. can't wait for the next season.