June 27, 2011


♫ (Thievery Corporation Mix) by Natalie Walker

This is my 100th post! Lame.. time is going by too fast. There are way too many reminders of how fast I'm growing up.. I gotta slow it down..

I was supposed to go to school today but I didn't because nobody did. Clearing out our lockers should be a sign that nobody will go to school. I actually didn't wear this outfit today, I wear something less eye-catching and more comfortable depending on the weather. I did get the shorts today though. Plus a new laptop case. Everything else I had held on to for a while and never got to show off.

Today we were in Union Square, shopping and looking for jobs. We went to Free People, Anthropologie, Forever 21, some shoe store, and Urban Outfitters. You gotta be 18 and over. Fuck that shit. I'll be decorating cupcakes for a living. I also got a new book, a book I've been meaning to get, Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I read alll the reviews and it's supposed to be a super intense book and so far, it is. I must get a special bookmark for this occasion. I'm also supposed to attend school tomorrow for five minutes for report cards but I've already seen my grades. So long as I passed pre-calc and chemistry, I'm good.

I'm leaving next Tuesday. I should start packing forreal.

♫ A/B Machines by Sleigh Bells

June 24, 2011


♫ by Millionyoung

I'm making a creamy cheese cake right now, following a recipe my mom's friend suggested. It smells so good, the aroma of it is heavily circulating the second floor.. mmm. Today has been a good day.. could be better. Liz celebrated her seventeenth birthday early today with her new built-in pool! I was hoping the sun would try to squeeze a little of its perfect sunniness outside today but it refused. The pool and the weather was chilly. It's June and I haven't worn jeans or a sweater out since like.. April. It makes me feel like I'll need the sweaters and blanket when I'm in Boston though, which is kinda nice for summer.

I'm so so excited for the following two weeks to come. I finally discovered who my roommate will be and we're going to have such an awesome time. The official last day of school is next week and so is the block party. I can't be more excited than this, especially after just finding out New York finally legalized gay marriage! Also, I passed the US and English regents! I honestly thought I would have done better now that I'm trying to recall what I read and wrote about but.. that's the kind of teaching I get for not taking any APs this year (which is really bad but has a reason). The end of my junior year now is freaking out over my Chemistry regents score. I'm actually really scared but if they could be nice and give a lot of partial credit like my other ones.. then thank you, really.

I don't have any photos to put up since my camera needs a little repairing from the past few days.. but I finished one roll of color film. I should try to finish all my film before I leave this summer. Another exciting thing.. window-shopping for a new car tomorrow! Let's go check this cake out.

♫ Strangers In the Wind by Cut Copy

June 21, 2011

as time breaks off

♫ by Delorean

Soooo, I signed up on lookbook.nu today. I remember when it was so exclusive that you had to be invited and confirmed by the site to be a member.. not anymore. I registered because a lot of people ask where I shop and what my favorite store is. There really is no answer to that but hopefully this lookbook thing will show you; I look for pattern and quality and comfort over name reputation and trends. The only two words I would describe my style would be classy and sophisticated but in a young way. I dunno, I just hope you guys like my outfits. I'll try to post as often as possible. Also, that first look is from like October.. I just needed to post something.

♫ Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups

ps: I'm gonna tweak the way I type in my posts too. Since I am constantly listening to music when I'm on the computer, the title will be the song I listened to when I made the post and then it will end in the song I listened to when I have completed it. Annnd I'm gonna try my best to capitalize when needed to improve my super informal blogging. I've always hated hitting shift + I. I also made a clay head in the car today.

June 18, 2011

calm your mind

it's kinda strange to say but i'm very happy to have seen x-men first class last night because it was amazing. loved it. this post is tell you about my day. i think whenever i make a post about the past 24 hours, it's either a rant or it was truly a good day.

i woke up at 7am and snuck out of the house to go to soho with liz. now who in the name of jesus and his barn of unicorns does that.. oh wait, shoe addicts. solestruck, who only has one store and is in portland, decided to do their next lookbook shooting in new york. there was a casting call for trendy models but they were also giving away free shoes. there is nothing better in this world than free things (besides photography). i was ready to be picked if chosen for the lookbook which i highly doubted because (and i told them this) i am the photographer, not the model, when it comes to taking photos. honestly all i wanted was the shoes.. this was granted to the first fifty people there. me being number nineteen, got a good pair. tan matiko leilas! i wore sandal platforms to the event but then left the casting and changed into my new shoes, which are actually a size smaller and cut the back of my heels.. i will have to deal with it because i already really love them. now i have to start nagging about the event photos they took and recorded.

anyway, i came home, almost went to the mermaid parade but didn't because i don't find it entertaining. my sister kept shouting at me describing the level of boredness she couldn't contain as i cleaned my room. so we played scrabble with our cousin and bet money on the winner (my sis won). then i watched pirates of the carribean and started to handsew a bag from scratch (does that make sense?). and then i watched a not so bad shark movie that should only be watched once and finished the bag. i don't know whether i should add fringe, buttons, what kind of handle, etc details. i'm excited. i'm excited about everything. after wednesday is over, my summer begins. CAN'T WAIT

June 16, 2011

we're the teenagers that invade your backyard

tuesday was the last day of classes. wasn't happy because i had to clean out my locker completely and walk around with my art portfolio and shit from my locker in the rain. but.. i went to a concert in celebrate brooklyn with elizabeth for best coast and the decemberists. they were pretty awesome, the rain had stopped by night and i got to feed my italian tastebuds and got to lay in the grass watching stars and planes hovering really low under trees lit up by the performance stage. nothing much like it.

yesterday i tried to make smores stuffed chocolate chip cookies but they came out all wrong.. waste of cookie batch. it's probably because i didn't make it out of scratch.. buttttt i made smores.. in 80 degree weather. it was ..beastingly good.

today i went to school to take the us regents. i really i hope i passed it, even though my essays were terribly written because i was rushing and it felt like my brain was experiencing traffic everywhere so everything i wanted to say couldn't come out. a surprise party for allyson going away to japan was set up to occur after school at charlotte's. i guess just about everything went perfect. yeah pretty much. i made a cake, we went on chatroulette, we went on the roof, we met neighbors, and trespassed on property. in the end, i got super tired.. braindead.

tomorrow i shall ace my english regents.. but still ..wish me luck. i left my cake pans at charlotte's.

June 11, 2011

i've been rejecting this blog

hehehe.. sorry. i've been busy, it's the end of the year and i hadn't done anything worth talking about. but now i do. i gotta lay it all out quickly because i need to write an essay and do a painting and start packing.

it was brooklyn/queens day so all of new york city had that day off. i think the first productive thing i did was help my dad mail out a parking ticket. i remember wednesday through friday were in the 90s and the ac was on everywhere. i skipped lunch and went to meet allyson at target to get essentials for packing. then i went back home and helped my sister make a mock cereal box for her homework. i rode my bike to the beach and met up with katherine and elizabeth afterward. it got a little more windy then but i couldn't notice the difference because we were by the water. about an hour later, dark clouds were coming at us. it had been such a hot day nobody was really worrying except that it was getting late. there was no lifeguard which is really dangerous but there were cops and parks and recreation people. i saw a beach umbrella wiping out a crowd when the clouds got nearer. then a sandstorm occurred and everyone went freaking out. it was the right time to panic when you see police vans and police jetskis and helicopters everywhere. it started precipitating a little when we tried to leave. the storm was a good solution to the 100 degree weather earlier. we decided to go to pizza instead of going home because a) we were hungry and nobody brought food, b) we wanted to wait the storm out, and c) i had never ridden my bike home in the rain nor walked in the rain with no cover. so we sat there watching wheel of fortune eating pizza. like all storms, this one was having heavy and light mood swings so we stopped to take cover when it was impossible for me walk my bike. i ended up taking elizabeth's towel and riding home with it over my head. i was absolutely drenched from the bottom down but i was only worried that my new bike would rust. biking during a thunderstorm at night alone is already dangerous, but i had to go under a highway to get home and that was a scarier place. the thrill of doing this made me feel..awesome. i got home safe anyway and went to bed with no sand in my hair and clean skin. getting a lot done in less than 24 hours is one of the best things to do.

i don't really know why we had to go to school that day. it had been finals week then brooklyn day which equals to no regular, full school day for the past four days. i don't remember doing anything honestly except continuing to clean out my locker.

first thing, i went to meet up at the neighborhood high school with liz and ivana to take the ACTs. we saw middle school classmates there, no exchange of hellos, it was awkward. the ACTs were easy, at least easier than the SATs. there was just too little time and the science part should be omitted. the writing part was on parents using a GPS on their teens' cell phones to track their locations. i disagreed on it, but my essay sounds incredibly rebellious and anti-parents but chill and very opinionated. whoever is grading those should remember the essay was written by a teenager. i edited photos from thursday when i returned home and then went to ikea. a few issues between parents and i came up during that time. i don't want to discuss it, but i was only trying to do the right thing and when the hell did anyone say i will be taking a bus to boston instead of car. fuck that. i fell asleep on the way home and went to bed when we got home. i slept at 8pm and woke up at 11 the next day.

i was still mad at my parents so i tried not to communicate with them first thing in the afternoon. i had to go to the doctors to pick up my health forms so my mom came along. i bought a new suitcase and sandals and a beach towel and my angry-ness eased. it was my grandpa's birthday when we got home. since then, i don't really know what i have been doing except trying to finish sending out the last of the matters to my precollege program. and then i started writing this before doing anything academic-related because i know i would forget again and then never type it at all.

well.. it's 8:30pm on a sunday now. i meant to write this yesterday but i saved it as a draft. wish me luck with regents!