June 21, 2011

as time breaks off

♫ by Delorean

Soooo, I signed up on lookbook.nu today. I remember when it was so exclusive that you had to be invited and confirmed by the site to be a member.. not anymore. I registered because a lot of people ask where I shop and what my favorite store is. There really is no answer to that but hopefully this lookbook thing will show you; I look for pattern and quality and comfort over name reputation and trends. The only two words I would describe my style would be classy and sophisticated but in a young way. I dunno, I just hope you guys like my outfits. I'll try to post as often as possible. Also, that first look is from like October.. I just needed to post something.

♫ Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups

ps: I'm gonna tweak the way I type in my posts too. Since I am constantly listening to music when I'm on the computer, the title will be the song I listened to when I made the post and then it will end in the song I listened to when I have completed it. Annnd I'm gonna try my best to capitalize when needed to improve my super informal blogging. I've always hated hitting shift + I. I also made a clay head in the car today.