June 18, 2011

calm your mind

it's kinda strange to say but i'm very happy to have seen x-men first class last night because it was amazing. loved it. this post is tell you about my day. i think whenever i make a post about the past 24 hours, it's either a rant or it was truly a good day.

i woke up at 7am and snuck out of the house to go to soho with liz. now who in the name of jesus and his barn of unicorns does that.. oh wait, shoe addicts. solestruck, who only has one store and is in portland, decided to do their next lookbook shooting in new york. there was a casting call for trendy models but they were also giving away free shoes. there is nothing better in this world than free things (besides photography). i was ready to be picked if chosen for the lookbook which i highly doubted because (and i told them this) i am the photographer, not the model, when it comes to taking photos. honestly all i wanted was the shoes.. this was granted to the first fifty people there. me being number nineteen, got a good pair. tan matiko leilas! i wore sandal platforms to the event but then left the casting and changed into my new shoes, which are actually a size smaller and cut the back of my heels.. i will have to deal with it because i already really love them. now i have to start nagging about the event photos they took and recorded.

anyway, i came home, almost went to the mermaid parade but didn't because i don't find it entertaining. my sister kept shouting at me describing the level of boredness she couldn't contain as i cleaned my room. so we played scrabble with our cousin and bet money on the winner (my sis won). then i watched pirates of the carribean and started to handsew a bag from scratch (does that make sense?). and then i watched a not so bad shark movie that should only be watched once and finished the bag. i don't know whether i should add fringe, buttons, what kind of handle, etc details. i'm excited. i'm excited about everything. after wednesday is over, my summer begins. CAN'T WAIT