June 24, 2011


♫ by Millionyoung

I'm making a creamy cheese cake right now, following a recipe my mom's friend suggested. It smells so good, the aroma of it is heavily circulating the second floor.. mmm. Today has been a good day.. could be better. Liz celebrated her seventeenth birthday early today with her new built-in pool! I was hoping the sun would try to squeeze a little of its perfect sunniness outside today but it refused. The pool and the weather was chilly. It's June and I haven't worn jeans or a sweater out since like.. April. It makes me feel like I'll need the sweaters and blanket when I'm in Boston though, which is kinda nice for summer.

I'm so so excited for the following two weeks to come. I finally discovered who my roommate will be and we're going to have such an awesome time. The official last day of school is next week and so is the block party. I can't be more excited than this, especially after just finding out New York finally legalized gay marriage! Also, I passed the US and English regents! I honestly thought I would have done better now that I'm trying to recall what I read and wrote about but.. that's the kind of teaching I get for not taking any APs this year (which is really bad but has a reason). The end of my junior year now is freaking out over my Chemistry regents score. I'm actually really scared but if they could be nice and give a lot of partial credit like my other ones.. then thank you, really.

I don't have any photos to put up since my camera needs a little repairing from the past few days.. but I finished one roll of color film. I should try to finish all my film before I leave this summer. Another exciting thing.. window-shopping for a new car tomorrow! Let's go check this cake out.

♫ Strangers In the Wind by Cut Copy