June 27, 2011


♫ (Thievery Corporation Mix) by Natalie Walker

This is my 100th post! Lame.. time is going by too fast. There are way too many reminders of how fast I'm growing up.. I gotta slow it down..

I was supposed to go to school today but I didn't because nobody did. Clearing out our lockers should be a sign that nobody will go to school. I actually didn't wear this outfit today, I wear something less eye-catching and more comfortable depending on the weather. I did get the shorts today though. Plus a new laptop case. Everything else I had held on to for a while and never got to show off.

Today we were in Union Square, shopping and looking for jobs. We went to Free People, Anthropologie, Forever 21, some shoe store, and Urban Outfitters. You gotta be 18 and over. Fuck that shit. I'll be decorating cupcakes for a living. I also got a new book, a book I've been meaning to get, Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I read alll the reviews and it's supposed to be a super intense book and so far, it is. I must get a special bookmark for this occasion. I'm also supposed to attend school tomorrow for five minutes for report cards but I've already seen my grades. So long as I passed pre-calc and chemistry, I'm good.

I'm leaving next Tuesday. I should start packing forreal.

♫ A/B Machines by Sleigh Bells