June 16, 2011

we're the teenagers that invade your backyard

tuesday was the last day of classes. wasn't happy because i had to clean out my locker completely and walk around with my art portfolio and shit from my locker in the rain. but.. i went to a concert in celebrate brooklyn with elizabeth for best coast and the decemberists. they were pretty awesome, the rain had stopped by night and i got to feed my italian tastebuds and got to lay in the grass watching stars and planes hovering really low under trees lit up by the performance stage. nothing much like it.

yesterday i tried to make smores stuffed chocolate chip cookies but they came out all wrong.. waste of cookie batch. it's probably because i didn't make it out of scratch.. buttttt i made smores.. in 80 degree weather. it was ..beastingly good.

today i went to school to take the us regents. i really i hope i passed it, even though my essays were terribly written because i was rushing and it felt like my brain was experiencing traffic everywhere so everything i wanted to say couldn't come out. a surprise party for allyson going away to japan was set up to occur after school at charlotte's. i guess just about everything went perfect. yeah pretty much. i made a cake, we went on chatroulette, we went on the roof, we met neighbors, and trespassed on property. in the end, i got super tired.. braindead.

tomorrow i shall ace my english regents.. but still ..wish me luck. i left my cake pans at charlotte's.