July 4, 2011

give me everything

♫ pitbull, neyo, afrojack

Yup. Nothing like listening to good old American rock and pop on the radio 4 in the morning on July fourth. My butt hurts. My back hurts. I originally stayed up bc I had just washed my hair at 1am and wanted it to air dry but I got sidetracked with Misfits. Today I watched Jane Eyre, a little of Mansfield Park and a lot of Misfits. I've finished all eleven seasons of CSI.. still poking around for episodes I missed though but hadn't watched any today.

Today is my last day in New York. Not my last night, but I'm pretty much packed and ready. I think I'm gonna watch Cherrybomb tomorrow and clean my room and finish packing. I'mmm excited. Oh shit someone's awake... I'm hungzz