July 19, 2011

i party

by Far East Movement

Well.. I haven't posted in a long while.. purposely neglecting to blog because I'm still busy. So much has happened that I regret not posting about it during the time but then I also feel like nobody reads this anyway so I'll keep it general.

I left home over two weeks ago to come to AIB in Massachusetts for the YAR Program this month. Ever since, I have become close with my roommate (the application worked!) and made a lot of new friends and met some people. It's just like high school at the same time since there are still underclassmen and people who give you looks and shit but then there's the life of dorming which high school does not offer. I get "morning"s and "night"s in the bathroom and in the halls which are lovely, and have since reorganized my room. My roommate and I pushed our beds together in the center of the room a few days ago for some intimacy.. jk we couldn't breathe. This dorm doesn't have a/c and we only have two fans so we moved everything around for ventilation.

I'm taking a color film class (which I looove!) and digital photography and figure drawing and graphic design and summer sketchbook. I'm happy about my classes and the teachers. I've actually learned a lot within one day of each class. We travel a lot all over Massachusetts and I almost get no sleep. Omg, the dorm food for breakfast and dinner are almost like eating out every day, it's that great ( and I don't think I've ever eaten such healthy food so often before). Yeah.. so much has happened that I can't even recall everything. I hope my photos can speak for me. Speaking of photos, like I said before, my flickr pro account is expiring tonight which is a tragic thing to happen in my life so.. I'll be posting them on facebook if I even get the chance. See ya lata

PS: I miss my family and friends A LOT :(

♫ Amsterdam by Coldplay