August 28, 2011

hurricane irene

Shit is getting real. I woke up to helicopters flying over my house today. All day I did nothing but prepare and watch Winter's Bone and help my mom put a gown together. It still just seems like an intense tropical storm though. We'll see the damage tomorrow morning. I was supposed to have a block party today :(

update: I went to bed at 3am. Woke up at 11am and it was bright and sunny so I was like "oh wow it was just a hurricane for only a few hours". Then went back to sleep and got up at 3pm to find everyone else in the house still sleeping. And now it's a tropical storm again, I heard Irene downgraded by the time she got to New York City. I like that it sounds like winter outside though, hearing the wind pound against my window and going through the trees. I hope they get the subway tracks cleared out by tomorrow, I want to go out!