August 27, 2011

in the clear

♫ Four In the Morning by Ivy

I've renovated the entire blog layout! Ya liiike?? There's even a "letters" page for feedback or comments or questions or answers or candy since I disable comments on my posts. Anyway, I hear Hurricane Irene is coming about this weekend and to be honest, my house isn't that prepared right now because we don't really believe how serious it is until it happens. My family is being way too chill about it. I live near the beach but I'm in Zone B so I guess that means I don't have to get evacuated. Our mayor is doing an awful job as well.. When the weather is actually seriously too risky to be in, he makes students go to school anyway. But now it's summer vacay and while an alleged "historical" hurricane is coming, he's stopping all the subways and buses and calling for a state of emergency so we can panic and panic and prepare and panic. A little girl cried today because she didn't know what would happen to her cat. I don't know how much this thing will damage the city but I'm just sayin.. it's the first shutdown for us and I'm just not taking it seriously I guess because this shit doesn't go down here.

As the amazingly sunny, perfect last day before the ugly weekend, a few of us got together at Liz's pool and tanned. It was a nice relaxing resort right before we should take cover. We're lying on the deck with tanning oil as the sun goes down while her neighbors film their property for house insurance and take their patio sets in. It was best for us not to freak out today. We couldn't really do anything about it either since our parents weren't even home yet. This past week my family invited relatives from Florida over which is pretty cool because I have never met some of these cousins. My dad caught a cicada and then it flew away and then my crazy cousin caught it again. This green flying grasshopper thing also got into my house..
I've never seen a grasshopper before. And last night a giant truck was sitting outside my house. Apparently my next door neighbors ordered another grand piano. I was waiting by the window to see what would come out of that dark corridor at the end of the truck. When they went in there with the flashlights, I was thinking they should have some animals too.

Anyway, it's actually pretty late now, twenty minutes to 5am. I have to go get groceries tomorrow to stock up for the hurricane and block my basement and tape the windows and bring all our plants in.. ugh mudda nachurrrr whyyyy