August 9, 2011

my chest is empty

by Oliver North Boy Choir

Is this a quality post?? My blog has been lame. I've been bs-ing a lot mostly because I don't have the time to sit here and tell ya everything. But unlike those days, it was pouring hard today and I had nothing to do in mind so when that happens, I take out shoes I will never wear in my life and put them on. From the shoes up, I brainstorm on what I can wear with them. It's not even mid-August yet and I started thinking of what I would wear first day of school. I'm going to be a senior! So oldddd.. and how fast time goes by.

Well I'm posting because I have other things to share. I recently ordered from Photojojo for the first time and I received this Canon lens mug from them! Along with the Canon camera usb and a strap and they gave me a dinosaur for the price of "RAWRRRR". lmfao. They're so cute I wish I could work for them. (LOOKING FOR A JOB YES I AM) Last night I also finally watched Gone With The Wind. It must really be a classic if it's four friggin hours long. Luckily, I had nothing to do that night. While I watched Vivien Leigh gaze vertically into Clark Gable's tall mustached face, I tried new nail techniques. The half-moon nail technique was something I've been wanting to do forever but I could never find reinforcements around the house. I'm going to do it again in the fall with darker colors because right now these colors make it appear like I have giant lunulas (or cuticles).

Oh my Canon AE-1 needs a lil fixin because it thinks it can leak on my photos whenever it wants and it's not okay because it's actually ruining them instead so I also purchased a Minolta Maxxum Qtsi from this guy who also does photography and other nits and bits. All it needs is batteries right now (which I have but am going to return because the fucking pharmacy must be out of its mind selling tiny batteries for $20) and I'll be shooting film everywhere all day everyday. It's so frickin light too! And I also got my Delkin Snug-It Pro skin guard thingy today for my camera since I carry it around on my hip banging on things all the time. It was a suggestion I took from my digital teacher at AIB. And this sums up my week of money well spent on camera shit (good shit).

Under Control by the Strokes (!!!!!!)