August 19, 2011

when your mind's made up

♫ by Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová

This week was like a roller coaster. It was slow and then it caught up and then slow again and then hastened. All I remember from the ride were the peaks. I tried Netflix out and so far I love it. I made a rainbow cake 11 at night the past weekend in the slowest possible manner. It was devoured quickly the days afterward. The past lazy Sunday, I also remember watching Phineas + Ferb all afternoon and then went swimming and then watched more Phineas + Ferb until midnight. That show is really clever you know.. I can't think of more coincidences to happen in 20 minutes despite how annoying and repetitive the show is. I finished both seasons of Twin Peaks and watched the movie in the course of three days. I spent thirteen hours of my precious lifetime one day watching this amazing show, hooked from the first episode. I really wish they had made a third season because I have so many unanswered questions but twenty years late is pretty late.

My yearbook photos were taken this week too. I.. don't have anything to say about it until I see them. Oh on my way to the subway after that I also tripped in front of the fucking Starbucks where I have slipped and fell on my ass last winter. In front of all those people sitting by the window.. embarrassing. I have managed to get somewhere near the middle of my summer reading book. It is dreadfully boring but it picks up in some areas. I also realized I only read the book when I'm sitting on the train, I guess it's a better time passer but then I really have nothing else to do.

The photos I've scattered in this post are from today. I solely left the house three in the afternoon to go all the way to Pearl Paint and get modeling clay for this purpose: bracelets. I saw a diy on this last night and I had to do it. I'm not very motivated in taking photos this past week so I applied my hands on other things like this.. making awesome bracelets and sewing new pillowcases for the living room cushions (I've only completed 1, almost). I really love them and I'd like to sell them but I don't know if yall even like this kind of stuff so I'll just be making them for myself right now.

Last Friday I also bought my most wanted shoes of the season or year or I don't know but I just really couldn't afford them until now. I was actually considering saving up for these babies and if you know me, you know I am incapable of storing money somewhere for one thing. Well these Jeffrey Campbell Tardys were on sale and I went to Cobble Hill 10 in the morning and got them! I fell asleep at 4:30am the night before because I was honestly so excited and worried at the same time that they wouldn't be there. So these bitches are mine finally and I can't wait to wear them out soon. Anyway, it's 2am now and I promised my mom I'd go to bed early (lol).

Endless Rain by How to Dress Well