September 11, 2011

10 years later

I was beginning second grade, probably the second day of school too. I'm sure we were just starting a regular day preparing for elementary school. An announcement to evacuate all classes into the auditorium probably came on before our regular announcements that began with the Pledge of Allegiance and singing the Star-Spangled Banner. Next thing I know, every one is down and out of school. As to most little kids, all that mattered was being dismissed early for no reason. I only lived a block away. I had nothing to do because my afterschool cartoons weren't going to air till much later and I had already ate breakfast. I walked over to my grandma's which was a few houses away and everyone was watching TV or listening to the radio. I wasn't really grasping on anything so I went back outside. The clear cerulean blue sky was covered with a swarm of burnt pieces of paper. I picked up some that landed on the sidewalk wondering how the hell and where the hell these sheets with grids and numbers came from. I kept some in the back of a notebook, which I now don't know where. My house then was in a neighborhood almost at the bottom of Brooklyn. So to learn that the Twin Towers collapsing was what happened, these papers were flying a long way away from home. After that morning, I don't remember anything else. I'm still just hearing about other people's stories and finding out now that they lost someone. I can't even imagine what other people felt or witnessed.

I heard they're constructing six buildings around Ground Zero as the new World Trade Center now. I've never actually been down there myself but I will when they're done. 9/11 remember forever.