September 17, 2011

now my feet won't touch the ground

♫ by Coldplay

School started last Thursday. I am totally okay with my schedule because I have friends in each of them. I'm surprised I have never actually changed my schedule the past four years I've been here. Anywayyy I don't have any photos to upload.. I have two APs this year and I begin my photo and SAT prep classes next week. All this college mayhem is getting to me.. I'm beginning to question a lot of things. It is so difficult being a New York City teenager.

I still need to finish the roll on my Minolta before I forget. It's getting cold here now, I don't feel like getting out at all. I don't even remember if I have film in my Canon or Harikin either. I should really check that.. Well I just wanted to make this post to remind you I'm not dead and that I'll be really slow on the internet this year. I have a huge to-do list from now to December. :(

♫ I Will Never See The Sun by Great Lake Swimmers