October 30, 2011

fake blues

♫ by Real Estate

Know what's really nice right now? Hot coffee on a Sunday afternoon. I'm procrastinating as usual but it's just AP homework.. no big deal right? Anyway, I'm glad I was able to get some portfolio-worthy photos these past few days. Actually just from Friday but some fortunate and unfortunate events had come up since. I busted a vein Thursday morning playing volleyball.. going to the doctor Friday morning only made me more embarrassed that I can't play it right. But I've been playing volleyball forevaaa, not competitively, so I get it but nobody over and underhand serves a ball that ultimately feels like a basketball for 30 minutes straight. It was just bound to hit my wrist instead of my palm after all that time.

So it was a half day Friday and we wanted to ice skate! I found out that Citi Pond decided to delay because of Thursday's rain so we had to wait till it opened to the public at 6pm. It was 11:45am when I found out. What the fuck were we going to do for six hours? It was freezing like abnormal fall weather is and like the art majors we are, we went to the NYPL and discovered some awesome stuff at their 100 anniversary exhibition like E.E. Cumming's typewriter and the original copy of George Washington's Farewell Address, which we agreed is a bigger deal than just sitting there behind some plexiglass. Somehow six hours went by quickly and we still ended up being in the first 100 skaters range for free rentals even though most of us had our own. I still can't believe I waited seven hours to get on the ice but it was worth it. We were all tired by the end and Phil learned to skate for the first time.

Saturday it snowed. It's still not Halloween and it snowed a few inches. I hope we don't get outrageous blizzards this winter though. There are too many good things to happen next season, they just can't be ruined. After the SATs this weekend, I can finally start borrowing the school studio for more photo shoots. I haven't had time to commit to it and I just want to get back behind the camera and under the lights again. Mucho exciteddd.

Also, can whoever posts my photos on weheartit stop? And is it also possible for you to not use my photos as your profile pictures without letting me know? Thankssss. I'd like to delete my flickr in the future and just have one portfolio site but I can't now because they'll still be all over the internet and I don't even know if they're credited. Just sayin.

I love these photos so muchhhh. I want to watch a movie but nooo I have to take notes on catacombs and funerary art of the late antiquity period. booooo

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October 24, 2011

two cousins

♫ by Slow Club

In the midst of doing my homework, which I'm saying I'm doing because I'm actually supposed to but I'm really not, I decided to revive my lookbook and snapped some photos for a new look. I secretly check back on that site for inspiration and just.. new places to shop at lol. I've been listening to this Slow Club song a lot this month. I recently saw the video and love it so much, it makes me want to make a slow-mo dancing film. Speaking of loving something so much, I went to the SVA open house this past Saturday and I think our relationship just turned solid. I need to go to that school.. it is the perfect place for me and it has everything and I love everyone inside it. Except the color enlargers that are being discarded later in the year.. but I still get to use it every Saturday! Anyway.. I tried to start a habit of bringing my Minolta with me everywhere but I always end up never taking it out or taking it out at the wrong times like the girl's locker section at the Y... my mom thought it was weird of me. Okay.. well. I actually need to start homework now before my SAT class so.. I'm just gonna leave my look here:

October 16, 2011

let's do the things we normally do

♫ by Dido (errrweird?NO)

I thought I should update since I am virtually dead. I have to actually remind myself to post at least one photo on tumblr and I only go on facebook for my Sim now. Wow I am lame. I don't think I have a 52weeks photo but I will soon one day this year becauuuse I lightened my hair! Twice! It was nice and brown last week but now I tried a new lightening method and it just got too light. I was going for the ombre look.. I think I'll have to tone it again. Whateva at least I can wear as much black as I want now and not look like a black walking stick.

I'm supaaa busy but I'm also a terrible procrastinator. Wanna know what I did last night? I probably shouldn't say because I'm ashamed of it but I was up till 4am last night looking through hundreds of pages of shoes. Shoes. Let's not get into that. I missed SNL because of my addiction. Anyway, I need to get my portfolio together again this week. I haven't shot much in like two months and I'm sad about that but I'm actually so busy. Besides procrastinating like a motherfucker, my AP Art History homework takes forevaaaaa.. so now I'm doing my AP Stat homework and it's midnight. I have a bedtime for myself and that was supposed to happen two hours ago. Getting my outfit ready for the next day is going to take another hour. Ughhh this is my life. I'm hungry.

♫ Edge of the Ocean by Ivy
So I have this Coldplay radio on Pandora that I listen to while I do my homework.. it also has Keane, Sia, Feist, Bon Iver, John Mayer and all that sad stuff but it's what I listen to to focus. That should probably explain the strange artists I'm sharing in my posts. Otherwise it's some classical music like the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack. Don't judge me, I am quite fond of my taste. I can't listen to the music I like when I work or I'll get hyper and rather focus on my singing than what I'm reading.

October 10, 2011

Eating cheetos and butterfingers all weekend. Watching African Queen with Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn. Realized Andrew Camus is a greater philosopher than I thought before. Sorry, Andy, said your book sucked too quick. Gonna resume eating cheetos. Lazy Sunday night.

October 6, 2011

I am having an enlightening moment with myself and college right now. Since 9th period, I've been on the roll with life and schools and the future. I need to make this post to remind myself next time I'm stressed. I'm under control.

October 1, 2011

these stitches are tearing me apart

I recently got my bottom wisdom teeth pulled. My right side hurts more because the tooth wasn't even coming out yet but it was really bothersome so I had to get it out. However since it wasn't on the surface yet, the cut was going to be bigger and I was going to get more stitches. It hurt like a million bitches trying to get inside my gums. I actually cried from so much pain. And even though I had class today, swollen and bruised chipmunk cheeks wasn't going to stop me. They did fucking hurt and ache a hella lot but at least I got work done.

I don't think I'll have a 52weeks photo this week because I'm still trying to recover on top of all the APAH and Psych-Lit homework I have due Monday. But I will definitely be getting my Minolta roll developed by the middle of the week since I've been so hesitant to finish on that.

Today, despite the low 50s mid 60s rainy weather, my stupid block decided to have the block party when fall arrives. It was initially planned for a long five months ago for July before I left but then it was moved again without notice to the day of Hurricane Irene. And then I just found out about this new date literally two days ago. I hate them but you know what... rain don't stop me and especially not this family. We covered our front driveway and made a gigantic fort and proceeded with our deliciously-smelling barbecue even though I couldn't chew anything. So instead I sat in my parka reading Albert Camus' The Stranger. Honestly, I don't see the point of this book. I finished it wondering what the heck the book was even about. It's probably how my proctors feel when they read my SAT essays or something because I make all the shit up so it's not understandable. Plus my medications from the tooth extractions were making me read literally all over the place except word for word; I had experienced dyslexia for the first time.

I can't get anything done because of how irritating these stitches are. I hope they don't worsen by Monday. I would actually like to go to school so I can "learn"the information I need for my upcoming tests.