October 16, 2011

let's do the things we normally do

♫ by Dido (errrweird?NO)

I thought I should update since I am virtually dead. I have to actually remind myself to post at least one photo on tumblr and I only go on facebook for my Sim now. Wow I am lame. I don't think I have a 52weeks photo but I will soon one day this year becauuuse I lightened my hair! Twice! It was nice and brown last week but now I tried a new lightening method and it just got too light. I was going for the ombre look.. I think I'll have to tone it again. Whateva at least I can wear as much black as I want now and not look like a black walking stick.

I'm supaaa busy but I'm also a terrible procrastinator. Wanna know what I did last night? I probably shouldn't say because I'm ashamed of it but I was up till 4am last night looking through hundreds of pages of shoes. Shoes. Let's not get into that. I missed SNL because of my addiction. Anyway, I need to get my portfolio together again this week. I haven't shot much in like two months and I'm sad about that but I'm actually so busy. Besides procrastinating like a motherfucker, my AP Art History homework takes forevaaaaa.. so now I'm doing my AP Stat homework and it's midnight. I have a bedtime for myself and that was supposed to happen two hours ago. Getting my outfit ready for the next day is going to take another hour. Ughhh this is my life. I'm hungry.

♫ Edge of the Ocean by Ivy
So I have this Coldplay radio on Pandora that I listen to while I do my homework.. it also has Keane, Sia, Feist, Bon Iver, John Mayer and all that sad stuff but it's what I listen to to focus. That should probably explain the strange artists I'm sharing in my posts. Otherwise it's some classical music like the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack. Don't judge me, I am quite fond of my taste. I can't listen to the music I like when I work or I'll get hyper and rather focus on my singing than what I'm reading.