October 1, 2011

these stitches are tearing me apart

I recently got my bottom wisdom teeth pulled. My right side hurts more because the tooth wasn't even coming out yet but it was really bothersome so I had to get it out. However since it wasn't on the surface yet, the cut was going to be bigger and I was going to get more stitches. It hurt like a million bitches trying to get inside my gums. I actually cried from so much pain. And even though I had class today, swollen and bruised chipmunk cheeks wasn't going to stop me. They did fucking hurt and ache a hella lot but at least I got work done.

I don't think I'll have a 52weeks photo this week because I'm still trying to recover on top of all the APAH and Psych-Lit homework I have due Monday. But I will definitely be getting my Minolta roll developed by the middle of the week since I've been so hesitant to finish on that.

Today, despite the low 50s mid 60s rainy weather, my stupid block decided to have the block party when fall arrives. It was initially planned for a long five months ago for July before I left but then it was moved again without notice to the day of Hurricane Irene. And then I just found out about this new date literally two days ago. I hate them but you know what... rain don't stop me and especially not this family. We covered our front driveway and made a gigantic fort and proceeded with our deliciously-smelling barbecue even though I couldn't chew anything. So instead I sat in my parka reading Albert Camus' The Stranger. Honestly, I don't see the point of this book. I finished it wondering what the heck the book was even about. It's probably how my proctors feel when they read my SAT essays or something because I make all the shit up so it's not understandable. Plus my medications from the tooth extractions were making me read literally all over the place except word for word; I had experienced dyslexia for the first time.

I can't get anything done because of how irritating these stitches are. I hope they don't worsen by Monday. I would actually like to go to school so I can "learn"the information I need for my upcoming tests.