October 24, 2011

two cousins

♫ by Slow Club

In the midst of doing my homework, which I'm saying I'm doing because I'm actually supposed to but I'm really not, I decided to revive my lookbook and snapped some photos for a new look. I secretly check back on that site for inspiration and just.. new places to shop at lol. I've been listening to this Slow Club song a lot this month. I recently saw the video and love it so much, it makes me want to make a slow-mo dancing film. Speaking of loving something so much, I went to the SVA open house this past Saturday and I think our relationship just turned solid. I need to go to that school.. it is the perfect place for me and it has everything and I love everyone inside it. Except the color enlargers that are being discarded later in the year.. but I still get to use it every Saturday! Anyway.. I tried to start a habit of bringing my Minolta with me everywhere but I always end up never taking it out or taking it out at the wrong times like the girl's locker section at the Y... my mom thought it was weird of me. Okay.. well. I actually need to start homework now before my SAT class so.. I'm just gonna leave my look here: