November 24, 2011

happy thanks!

I've been so behind on the internet lately ever since reality hit me in the face. Some of my college apps are due in less than a week and it's killing meee. I also hadn't taken any pictures in over a month because of school which was a muy big problemo. I took the opportunity the recent Tuesday to get back on track with my portfolio. I will try to shoot every week now. I also realized I've pretty much given up on the 52weeks project. Whatevs, I really didn't have the time.

I'll just be mooching and cooking and baking tonight and then hopefully get a little shopping done tomorrow. I haven't gone shopping in over a month either! How I survived, I do not know. Time is going by so fast I'm actually really scared.. scared until my three early apps are done.

I just wanted to make this post to revive my dead spirit on the internet. I have to go make mashed potatoes now. (First time!) Happy holidays.