November 9, 2011

i'm beginning my holiday wishlist

Is it too early? No. As a matter of fact, I'm going to hunt for these items tomorrow and see if I really like them. I've been dying over velvet and the only wearable velvet piece I have is this dark navy t-shirt my mom made at my age that fits almost like a crop top for me and that isn't my thang. And I've been drooooling over Jemmas. I entered two contests for them.. and lost. They will be mine one day, even when they're out of fashion which doesn't seem very soon.

velvet flippy tunic / topshop
velvet burnout bodycon slip / free people
jemma / dolce vita

I have one application I have to complete before December and it's bustin' my nuts even though I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I'm ready to get it over with but I don't think I'm prepared. I have so little time these days I've even been postponing my homework on my own terms. I just don't care about my classes anymore. All my teachers have senioritis. Things also keep getting in the way of my time with the studio and getting new photo shoots done. I complain about that in every post but I'm really sad about it. I'm excited for the year though, I might be going to California next month.... mad excitessss yo.

Update: Saw both the dresses today. I no longer like the Free People one.. lol and Topshop did not have the dress in my size :( However, Free People launched these new limited edition dresses and oh my awwwwe I want this one:

It's 600 bucks and I don't even like yellow! I own nothing yellow but this is golden ocher and it's sooo beautiful how the designer uses leather with layers and tulle. I am also not a fan of tulle so this is a huge deal. I would really love for this to be my prom dress.