December 31, 2011


Listening to some Michelle Branch right now. She used to be one of my favorite singers in the 2000s. I remember winning Platinum on Karaoke Revolution on "All You Wanted". I won't ever forget that because it was my friend's birthday party and I remember going to the bathroom and discovering that they had a landline phone in there. Lol.

So this mini project I gave myself last night is finally done! I was just sparked with inspiration after visiting Maria's stream again and realized I had so much free time (even though it was 11 at night). I went through extras of enlarged color negative prints from my color film class and pulled this one out. I didn't know what to do with it, I just let my hands and mind work. I watched The Adventures of TinTin during the process, multitasking between my fingers and ears. What sucks is that I already submitted three portfolios already, 2 that are really important, and then I create this. Nice. I'm just glad I finished the NYU application, the Tisch portfolio, all my AP homework, visited the Met for a report due next week, completed my Senior Art Show application, and still manage time to treat myself shopping, share some love with Lux, watch new movies, and finally update my iPod. Today, I helped my cousins move out and then cleaned the whole damn kitchen, every single bowl and plate. My back acted up a bitch but I felt like I needed to do the cleaning in time for the new year.

Speaking of the new year, I'm gonna be spending my last hours of the year at home as usual with the fam watching Dick Clark in Times Square on tv. Next year.. it will, it has to, be the year I finally see that frickin ball drop with my own eyes. I have to go at one point in my life, disappointing actually that I live here and have never gone.

2011 has been the most hard-working year for me so far. If I were to name one year where everything changed, it was this year. There were tough times and good times, all making me who I am today. I am a much more experienced person now than before and I have made better and new friendships this year as well. Too many things have happened, some all in one day, and I'm so glad that I was able to be a part of them. 2011 was good to me, a little bitch sometimes, but thank you for being a challenging one too. There's already so much I'm looking forward to, like turning 18 soon and having a lot more time to take photos after all these college apps! Can't fucking wait!

Thanks to everyone who still reads these entries, the people on my stats, fans, followers, contacts, thanks so much for the support, comments, and messages I've received all year. You've all been great! See you all in the new year :)