December 17, 2011


Listening to Tinie Tempah's album. Lux is sleeping next to me on the chair. I'm her human heater. I forgot what day it was every day this week. My back and neck has been killing me the past week or so. I'm going to have such bad posture as a result of carrying too much shit to school, never sleeping, and napping on the window on the subway. I wish I could take yoga again. The school should really offer it, there isn't any equipment except a mat and you sweat more than in regular phys ed. You get shit done and nothing will hurt as opposed to volleyball where I have to use my dominant arm all the time (also a reason why my upper body aches so much).

People have already gotten accepted into ivy leagues this week. I'm very proud of my peers. I wish I had done early action so I don't have to deal with the rest of the schools due in the next few months... but I didn't... because I'm lazy. That's not true. The reason why it took me more than a week to write my college essay was because school kept getting in the way. Honestly, they should really cut a lot of slack for seniors. It's such a waste of time.. traveling to school and back is a total of about 3 hours. I'll stop complaining.

Has anyone been watching American Horror Story? The besssst. I watch all my shows a few days after they air now. I don't even remember the last time I watched tv on a tv. I'm just so tired.. can't be bothered. I want to be in college already. I hate school. Baby Lux here is keeping me sane.