December 10, 2011


Been busy.. ever since I adopted A CAT. She's so precious. The baby's name is Lux and she's only 6 months! I've been early to school ever since I got her. She wakes me up at exactly 5:30 every morning. Crazy annoying when it's not a school day but I still love her.

Another highlight of the week is my package from Solestruck. They gave me one of Messeca's velvet holiday shoes and I looove them. Can't wait to wear them for Christmas! I can't wear them now because volleyball has taken over my life. Just kidding. Like 1/16 of my life. But I'm very much near spraining all my joints right now. My ankle especially makes it difficult to walk and carrying large loads make my wrist hurt.

Lux is kneading. She's so cute.. ready for bedtime. She'll wake in like 5 hours and sit on my face.