December 28, 2011

video games

♫ by Silver Swans

I can't stop listening to this cover. It's so dreamy and creepy and reminds me so much of Twin Peaks and those scenes where Julee Cruise sings at the hangout. You should check it out. Both the song and the series.

I hope whoever is reading this had a nice holiday. Mine was fairly swell. Instead of making my traditional fondant cupcakes for Christmas, I tried totally new recipes for cake pops and sugar cookies. For the cake pops, I used a recipe by Bakerella and made mine out of yellow cake, vanilla frosting, bittersweet chocolate, and peppermint. I tried the stained-glass thing with the cookies and they came out cute! Unfortunately, taking photos of them had slipped my mind because I was so exhausted (it was a Thursday night). I also made rainbow jello for the Christmas party we host at our house. The kids loved it! I don't like to eat what I make so I'm glad people enjoyed my goodies.

Our lights are still up for New Years and that means holiday shopping hasn't ended either. I'm supposed to be getting new frames this week. I hope! I can't wait to see them again, they're Praaada. That's the gift from my mom. Along with a new fur-hooded coat which makes me look like a bear and I have no issue with that. My dad got me a Starbucks gift card, which I have been using religiously, and a new Kitchen-Aid Hand Mixer, which will save me a lot of unnecessary dominant arm workout. What did I get myself? I don't even know if anything I got should count as Christmas gifts, I just feel like I deserve them after all this application work and good grades in school. I ordered myself a pair of Levi's (which I am so infatuated with) and Dolce Vita Jemmas (fiiinnally [insert Emma Stone's Easy A face]). Okay the jeans were from Zappos and I feel I need to tell yall that Zappos is so FAST on delivery. My package came about 13 hours after I placed it. What?! Bananas. Well yeah, it was one-day delivery but STILL.. Zappos offered it and it was free. Jussayin. My shoes haven't come yet but I'm super excited because I've been holding them off for a few months.

On a reality note.. I do really need to continue my NYU application. It is so freaking long and excessive but then again it's NYU. I'm not going to get in but whatever, I have nothing to lose except vacation time that I could be spending with my cute little kitty. See yall in the new year!

♫ Municipality by Real Estate