February 25, 2011

February 21, 2011

flash dance

i just ate lasagna and lip-synced to kesha and justin bieber. with the little ones of course..
anyway, sorry about the direct post earlier today, it just has to be out there before anyone makes any accusations.

last week or something, i had a us project, which took up a lot of my time. here i am sharing the cover of the project. whyyyy? because i know nobody, especially my teacher, is going to understand that i did everything on this cover except the drawing. i'm probably going to get a low score because of the essay already but if she doesn't realize how much effort i put into making a perfect time magazine template, then everything i did was worthless. a logo large enough to not look pixelated when printed was hard to find, and then i had to grab the person of the year logo right off last year's cover with mark zuckerberg because i couldn't find any updated one large enough. i also enhanced the drawing and cloned the space where the logos are because the drawing itself was too small. everything came out PERFECT though and i was really happy with the outcome. i know that this is kind of an egotistical post but if my teacher doesn't understand how perfect i see it, i might cry.

on the other hand, i shot some instaxes yesterday because i missed the sun. yall seem to really love my sister's room, well you should've seen my expression when it finished developing. the brown and greenness of it is so awesome. what i also love about this instax camera is that it knows when to use automatic flash (when it's dark and not enough natural sunlight is given)

unfortunately, it didn't feel the same way with my room. the angle came out shitty and the flash went off which kind of annoyed me. it totally changes the atmosphere.. but my room is in a way darker than my sister's.

i'd really hate to do this

but if i see just one more photo of mine going uncredited, i'm gonna have to either put ugly watermarks on them or ask tumblr to deny sharing my flickr stream.

February 20, 2011

shake it like a ladder to the sun

i had a promising week, a good one since a very long time. maybe because we had two really nice warm days and it was the last week of school before break. i don't like that mother nature suddenly decided to drop the temperature by thirty degrees so soon or that it'll snow soon. i'm going to try to make the most of my break this following week. aside from homework and massive self sat prep, i need to learn to have fun again. i plan on leaving the house every day except the day it snows, and do what i can. we won't even have a single day off in march so i might as well.

the above photo is from club. the objective was to compose the still life the way we want it to be seen. i took several other photos but i really wanted to apply my geometric skills on this one. i just saw it coming when i uploaded it. it's not very noticeable at a smaller size but i like it.

luckily wednesday night, i didn't have any exams to study for or any work to do at all so i spent afterschool preparing my little sister's kindergarten class birthday party. 23 cupcakes with yellow/pink marble cake, dyed vanilla and hershey chocolate frosting, and star sprinkles. i made the stupid cupcake holder for the box all by myself. it was a frustrating experience, especially when i found out after cutting 24 cupcake-sized holes on the cardboard that the tray was three inches too big for the box. well that's over now. i remember my own kindergarten birthday party. i remember nagging my teacher about it and exactly what i wore and every student in my class. i'm still close friends with only one of them.

today, er yesterday, allyson and i finally went ice skating at the pond again. all you losers out there who despise this wonderful activity, i don't think we should be friends. there's nothing better than going fast and slipping between cracks to dodge people and have the wind breathe through your face and hair. swinging though, is kind of the same thing, at least to me it is because i used to swing at the park where children were let loose and would walk unaware beneath my flying feet (it's not my fault if you get kicked). obviously, i got a very red nose after all of it but the wind was actually gusting over 40 mph all day.

growing hungry afterward, we wanted to try out the smile in soho. it's cute, yes i approve, it's downstairs and very cozy but the humidity of it when we walked in damaged my vision (glasses). plus, we basically got kicked out because the sassy australian accent waitress said they weren't serving lunch any more and that dinner was in thirty minutes. so the fuck what! we're hungry, bitch! your loss. so we went to try out pulino's italian restaurant more up on houston. keith mcnally's recent creation of an eatery was fabbb. if you go check out this 1841 townhouse restaurant, you gottttta go to the bathroom. it's kind of creepy but since i was the only one there at the time, it kinda makes sense.. it's very very antique, with rusty mirrors, subway tile floors, and foggy glass doors.. i don't think i've ever been in a cooler restroom. this girl, who could've been my twin (asian gurl with long hair and glasses), with her camera walked in when i was washing my hands and as i was leaving she started taking photos of the bathroom. i would've done the same but if i walked in on someone washing their hands, i don't think i would've had the guts.

in conclusion, i guess i had a pretty satisfying week. i think i'll go to the museum tomorrow, just because i want to go out and shoot and it's free. teehee

February 14, 2011

rachel antonoff f/w 2011

yessss. i discovered about this saturday while it was still happening and it drove me crazy upset. this was rachel antonoff for fall/winter 2011 and she didn't host the show at lincoln center. instead, she borrowed our school gymnasium! i recognized the gym right away from another video but then i thought it would be possible for other schools to have similar looking gyms so i researched it and fuck yaaaa, laguardia high school reppp!! i am definitely in love with her inspiration of the virgin suicides and a high school dance. i'm making this post now because i have gym tomorrow and i still expect some party leftovers there. probs not, but still, yknow. there's a volleyball stuck between the pipes in the ceiling still.. so maybe there would be a balloon or something to reassure the show's existence.

also, i know i didn't upload any 52weeks photo for last week but that doesn't mean i didn't take any. i was crammed saturday doing a us project and then sunday, i sat in my parents room with my sister for eleventhousand hours watching a horror film marathon on oxygen. i also noticed i've been really slow on flickr. sorrayz. the weather is lifting and it was BEAUTIFUL today. it will be for the rest of the week and next week is break so i'm expecting some great adventures. gotta clean out my bag now. watch this video of the fashion presentation!

February 12, 2011

these are some things that happened today:

i'm going to bullet them because i am super lazy
  • i walked into the pharmacy 6:40 in the morning, i wasn't looking for anything, just tried to wake myself up in a warm place waiting for the bus
  • the backup drive in photography class crashed (4eva). i backed some of my stuff up on a flash drive but not everything. sucks for those who worked too hard
  • dreaded another period of anatomy (i hate ittt)(i hate graphittte)
  • sat on one butt cheek with aiss at lunch (bc there is no room for anyone on those high school musical tables) (so comfortable)
  • finished a whole math test (for once)
  • starved (i was looking forward to breakfast but bayli is stupid and didn't want to assist me)(and i didn't make lunch because i was in a hurry)
  • walked into the deli and remembered it was fashion week when a non local customer complimented on my cheap outfit
  • helped a group of tourist girls get to soho
  • talked about making pancakes on a pig shaped frying pan with a uo salesclerk
  • gave a whole dollar bill to a dude i didn't know on line for the mta machines. i had no idea what he was asking for, all i heard was can you lend.. cents.. or something.. a dollar..iunno.. a little help... i really don't know and i don't know why i couldn't just give him all my change. he had a baby in a stroller so i tried to help and gave a buck mainly bc i was lazy
  • i come home to hear that another murder(s)(three and two injured) occured in the hood today. and it happened around where i grew up! it's just a few avenues away and this killah is still on the loose which is scurrraay. too bad he looks like every german/russian dude around here.
  • it is 12:30 am now and i am making my valentines things before i forget

February 5, 2011


no, i don't have a clever title. i never do.. they're usually song titles anyway. this is my last year as technically a child. quite sad, i'm worried i won't have as much fun as i did the past year since there is more academic stress this school year.

we chose to go to two boots last night to celebrate, it was fit for the atmosphere and we were familiar with the menu for a last minute restaurant. i would mention all seven people that we bumped into on the way there and home but i don't really know most of them. it was just weird but cool. we were supposed to celebrate aissatou's early birthday too but she couldn't make it, neither could phil. :( it was just katherine, elizabeth, liz, noa, allyson and me. i like small groups. we were mad hungz and had many silent eating moments because it was just pretty fucking deliciously satisfying. our waitress reminded me of scarlett johannson in between scoop and ghost world. it was some other kid's birthday, and he got sang for first. but then we ordered dessert and she put a candle on it. my day was complete.

we stopped by barnes and noble later to digest, swooning over pre-teen magazines. i remember those days.. "embarrassing moments", "fact or rumor", the quizzes, and then the huge posters of what is now of rising disney stars i have never seen before and justin beiber. it was really late when we had to leave, and liz had to pee. in emergency, we stopped by crunch fitness and the dude was nice and let her relieve herself there. her dad picked us up, because they love me, and we almost ran over one of the alley cats on my block. funny shit. then.. i got home, edited the photos (rest on fb), read some hp7, forget to shower, and fell asleep.

i did nothing today. i'm up to my last few "potato crisps" (just realized they're not called chips) of my bbq pringles can. i woke up at 1:30 in the afternoon. i couldn't leave because it was going to be ugly out, like every birthday (my mom said i was born on a blizzard day). my younger cousin and my little sister drew me cards and put them in a manila envelope. it was pretty cute, especially how she drew me riding on a bike. i asked her why and she said because i wanted a bike.. things little kids remember. the rest of the day, i leveled three times on maplestory like a true asian, watched the new episode of csi, and watched some jake and amir with my sister until my mom got home. i didn't get the cake i wanted.. because it was too pricy (but i shall definitely get it next year or i'll be real disappointed).. but my aunt got the guy to make it to my taste and it was perfectly fresh. my favorite birthday cakes are the chinese sponge cakes. i love the excessive fruit and the cream and i guess it's because i grew up with them. aw, it's 11:59. i'm officially seventeen and a day old in a minute. let's hope for a year a hundred times better than the last, it was amazing and i thank everyone in my personal and virtual life. lol im out

ps: i made bsp#2. i'm sad i didn't get to leave anything at the park slope b+n yesterday. :(

February 3, 2011

bsp #1

location: borders @ columbus circle ny, ny (photography - anthologies section)
book: a year of mornings: 3911 miles apart by maria alexandra vettese + stephanie congdon barnes

this photobook is pretty fantastic. i spent an hour one day admiring every page. it's kind of like a 365 project but between two people who have never met. you should check it out even if you can't get the photo i left in there. i would have ironically left it in never let me go by kazuo ishiguro but these girls were picking them up when i looked for it, and it was a relatively much visited section.

February 2, 2011

bookstore scavengers project

this is kind of like an interactive project with my followers that i thought up on the subway today. things just come in my head at the weirdest times. it's not exclusive to those followers, just anyone interested, it's for fun!

so the idea is that i'll leave notes, flat objects, photos, etc. in between pages of books (hopefully ones that i assume nobody would touch), and i will give out the exact location for you to find it. i honestly don't think anyone would go out and do such a thing for me but the item will be there for however long it has to. i'll keep a list of the locations i've left the stuff at; if it's no longer there, it's obviously gone. i guess it's just a souvenir for you, if you want it, go and get it.

i asked for your cities because i like to travel, so if i happen to go on a trip over there, i will intentionally leave things behind. i have no desire to let go of this project in the next 560 years so i'll keep this up for as long as i can. i don't see any holes in this idea so i'm going to start with it next time i'm at a bookstore. sorry for those who don't live in the new york city area.. i'm going to have a print giveaway this spring though :D more details soon.

edit: i'm going to use all my extra silver-gelatin prints and make something out of them to slip in books. i have so many from last semester... not even funny.