August 28, 2011

hurricane irene

Shit is getting real. I woke up to helicopters flying over my house today. All day I did nothing but prepare and watch Winter's Bone and help my mom put a gown together. It still just seems like an intense tropical storm though. We'll see the damage tomorrow morning. I was supposed to have a block party today :(

update: I went to bed at 3am. Woke up at 11am and it was bright and sunny so I was like "oh wow it was just a hurricane for only a few hours". Then went back to sleep and got up at 3pm to find everyone else in the house still sleeping. And now it's a tropical storm again, I heard Irene downgraded by the time she got to New York City. I like that it sounds like winter outside though, hearing the wind pound against my window and going through the trees. I hope they get the subway tracks cleared out by tomorrow, I want to go out!

August 27, 2011

in the clear

♫ Four In the Morning by Ivy

I've renovated the entire blog layout! Ya liiike?? There's even a "letters" page for feedback or comments or questions or answers or candy since I disable comments on my posts. Anyway, I hear Hurricane Irene is coming about this weekend and to be honest, my house isn't that prepared right now because we don't really believe how serious it is until it happens. My family is being way too chill about it. I live near the beach but I'm in Zone B so I guess that means I don't have to get evacuated. Our mayor is doing an awful job as well.. When the weather is actually seriously too risky to be in, he makes students go to school anyway. But now it's summer vacay and while an alleged "historical" hurricane is coming, he's stopping all the subways and buses and calling for a state of emergency so we can panic and panic and prepare and panic. A little girl cried today because she didn't know what would happen to her cat. I don't know how much this thing will damage the city but I'm just sayin.. it's the first shutdown for us and I'm just not taking it seriously I guess because this shit doesn't go down here.

As the amazingly sunny, perfect last day before the ugly weekend, a few of us got together at Liz's pool and tanned. It was a nice relaxing resort right before we should take cover. We're lying on the deck with tanning oil as the sun goes down while her neighbors film their property for house insurance and take their patio sets in. It was best for us not to freak out today. We couldn't really do anything about it either since our parents weren't even home yet. This past week my family invited relatives from Florida over which is pretty cool because I have never met some of these cousins. My dad caught a cicada and then it flew away and then my crazy cousin caught it again. This green flying grasshopper thing also got into my house..
I've never seen a grasshopper before. And last night a giant truck was sitting outside my house. Apparently my next door neighbors ordered another grand piano. I was waiting by the window to see what would come out of that dark corridor at the end of the truck. When they went in there with the flashlights, I was thinking they should have some animals too.

Anyway, it's actually pretty late now, twenty minutes to 5am. I have to go get groceries tomorrow to stock up for the hurricane and block my basement and tape the windows and bring all our plants in.. ugh mudda nachurrrr whyyyy

August 19, 2011

when your mind's made up

♫ by Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová

This week was like a roller coaster. It was slow and then it caught up and then slow again and then hastened. All I remember from the ride were the peaks. I tried Netflix out and so far I love it. I made a rainbow cake 11 at night the past weekend in the slowest possible manner. It was devoured quickly the days afterward. The past lazy Sunday, I also remember watching Phineas + Ferb all afternoon and then went swimming and then watched more Phineas + Ferb until midnight. That show is really clever you know.. I can't think of more coincidences to happen in 20 minutes despite how annoying and repetitive the show is. I finished both seasons of Twin Peaks and watched the movie in the course of three days. I spent thirteen hours of my precious lifetime one day watching this amazing show, hooked from the first episode. I really wish they had made a third season because I have so many unanswered questions but twenty years late is pretty late.

My yearbook photos were taken this week too. I.. don't have anything to say about it until I see them. Oh on my way to the subway after that I also tripped in front of the fucking Starbucks where I have slipped and fell on my ass last winter. In front of all those people sitting by the window.. embarrassing. I have managed to get somewhere near the middle of my summer reading book. It is dreadfully boring but it picks up in some areas. I also realized I only read the book when I'm sitting on the train, I guess it's a better time passer but then I really have nothing else to do.

The photos I've scattered in this post are from today. I solely left the house three in the afternoon to go all the way to Pearl Paint and get modeling clay for this purpose: bracelets. I saw a diy on this last night and I had to do it. I'm not very motivated in taking photos this past week so I applied my hands on other things like this.. making awesome bracelets and sewing new pillowcases for the living room cushions (I've only completed 1, almost). I really love them and I'd like to sell them but I don't know if yall even like this kind of stuff so I'll just be making them for myself right now.

Last Friday I also bought my most wanted shoes of the season or year or I don't know but I just really couldn't afford them until now. I was actually considering saving up for these babies and if you know me, you know I am incapable of storing money somewhere for one thing. Well these Jeffrey Campbell Tardys were on sale and I went to Cobble Hill 10 in the morning and got them! I fell asleep at 4:30am the night before because I was honestly so excited and worried at the same time that they wouldn't be there. So these bitches are mine finally and I can't wait to wear them out soon. Anyway, it's 2am now and I promised my mom I'd go to bed early (lol).

Endless Rain by How to Dress Well

August 18, 2011


~mischelle's menagerie~
it looks like a cupcake bakery front.. i'll sell cupcakes in a couple of years

August 13, 2011

for sale!

Hey guys, I was finally able to publish my first photobook.. don't ask me why it took so long.
But please go and preview it, buy it, and support me!

I also finally just put up two pairs of my favorite shoes up for sale on my other blog. I am incredibly broke right now and I don't have a job so I'm going to give the internet a try on getting rid of my things.

Please check out the blog here at

August 10, 2011

I think I'll start painting again. Haven't done it in over a year.
Watch.. this is going to be the last time for months.

edit 8/12/11:
i finished it last night! hope yall like it

August 9, 2011

my chest is empty

by Oliver North Boy Choir

Is this a quality post?? My blog has been lame. I've been bs-ing a lot mostly because I don't have the time to sit here and tell ya everything. But unlike those days, it was pouring hard today and I had nothing to do in mind so when that happens, I take out shoes I will never wear in my life and put them on. From the shoes up, I brainstorm on what I can wear with them. It's not even mid-August yet and I started thinking of what I would wear first day of school. I'm going to be a senior! So oldddd.. and how fast time goes by.

Well I'm posting because I have other things to share. I recently ordered from Photojojo for the first time and I received this Canon lens mug from them! Along with the Canon camera usb and a strap and they gave me a dinosaur for the price of "RAWRRRR". lmfao. They're so cute I wish I could work for them. (LOOKING FOR A JOB YES I AM) Last night I also finally watched Gone With The Wind. It must really be a classic if it's four friggin hours long. Luckily, I had nothing to do that night. While I watched Vivien Leigh gaze vertically into Clark Gable's tall mustached face, I tried new nail techniques. The half-moon nail technique was something I've been wanting to do forever but I could never find reinforcements around the house. I'm going to do it again in the fall with darker colors because right now these colors make it appear like I have giant lunulas (or cuticles).

Oh my Canon AE-1 needs a lil fixin because it thinks it can leak on my photos whenever it wants and it's not okay because it's actually ruining them instead so I also purchased a Minolta Maxxum Qtsi from this guy who also does photography and other nits and bits. All it needs is batteries right now (which I have but am going to return because the fucking pharmacy must be out of its mind selling tiny batteries for $20) and I'll be shooting film everywhere all day everyday. It's so frickin light too! And I also got my Delkin Snug-It Pro skin guard thingy today for my camera since I carry it around on my hip banging on things all the time. It was a suggestion I took from my digital teacher at AIB. And this sums up my week of money well spent on camera shit (good shit).

Under Control by the Strokes (!!!!!!)

August 4, 2011

it's always sunny

I met up with Allyson today, the whole day to share what has happened in the past month. We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit Savage Beauty.. and to do part of our AP Art History summer assignment. Well, we waited two hours on line for the exhibit. Luckily, awesome Mariam was able to get us past the museum line before that, just the line to get into the museum man. So we saw Anna Wintour walking in the exhibit while we were on line and Allyson flipped a shit. We were coming up with scenarios of what Anna might say if we greeted her (like harrassing our fashion) but instead she was really kind and said five words to her! lol

Oh man and there was this crazy guy on the 4 train. Old times of New York City... except this guy would not stop bitching about death in an extremely religious tone while spitting on people (like my legs) and refusing to leave the train. Rude. I tried to read the Driver's Manual on the way home and fell asleep when they started talking about sharing the road. Ah tomorrow I have to go out and pick up my artwork. I really don't feel like leaving the house anymore. I showered at 2 in the morning last night and had less than five hours of sleep. I just want to stay home and wait for my mail and watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. So lazy...