September 24, 2011

into the fire

♫ by Thirteen Senses

Well this seemed like such a long week considering how much I got done. I took my first test of the school year in AP Stat and wow, it was nothing like the review so I won't be surprised if I end up dropping the class next semester. Autumn has arrived but I was wearing sweaters and boots on the last days of summer because it was colder then. These beginning fall days have just been incredibly humid and disgusting and hot. My writing is growing terrible. I have allergies. What is this post even about.

One day in the middle of this week, my friends and I were talking about animals and pets and sharing stories about them. That night, while my friend was walking home, she found a white blue-eyed rabbit in the park. It had to be a house pet.. this is the city. Even though we live near a nature reserve, what are the chances of finding a pure white rabbit? As the pro-animal aspiring veterinarian she is, she brought it home and is now trying to help the little cloud puff heal a bad wound until she's healthy and ready for new owners. This girl lives in a house with two dogs and two cats, animals I'm used to being around. The rabbit, I was new to, but what a dreamy experience it is. It shits a lot and pissed in her closet but she hops and nibbles on food and most importantly, doesn't make any noiiisssse. Cuteness! My mom won't let me have any furry pets because we already have an animal in the house which is my little brother. He jumps, crawls, cries, yells, talks, and throws things like an animal. Not cute. Just kidding, my lil bro is very kute.

I started my SAT prep classes this week too. Even though it's convenient to have it in school after classes, I still get home SO late! I better have advanced a lot by the end of the course. I also began my SVA class today. I love it so far! It's crazy that people would come out to New York City from Connecticut just for this class every Saturday... that's dedication. I'm proud and not proud to say that I'm the most experienced photography student in the class as far as my teacher knows but sometimes when she asks questions involving science... I won't have any answers for that. One of the important reasons why I'm taking the class is to learn y'know... Anywayyy, I have a crap load of AP Art History homework to do and some self-teaching lessons on the US Government since my teacher is too distracted by his own life than to directly tell us how this damn government works.


♫ Blood Bank by Bon Iver (lots of Bon Iver this week too)
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September 17, 2011

now my feet won't touch the ground

♫ by Coldplay

School started last Thursday. I am totally okay with my schedule because I have friends in each of them. I'm surprised I have never actually changed my schedule the past four years I've been here. Anywayyy I don't have any photos to upload.. I have two APs this year and I begin my photo and SAT prep classes next week. All this college mayhem is getting to me.. I'm beginning to question a lot of things. It is so difficult being a New York City teenager.

I still need to finish the roll on my Minolta before I forget. It's getting cold here now, I don't feel like getting out at all. I don't even remember if I have film in my Canon or Harikin either. I should really check that.. Well I just wanted to make this post to remind you I'm not dead and that I'll be really slow on the internet this year. I have a huge to-do list from now to December. :(

♫ I Will Never See The Sun by Great Lake Swimmers

September 11, 2011

10 years later

I was beginning second grade, probably the second day of school too. I'm sure we were just starting a regular day preparing for elementary school. An announcement to evacuate all classes into the auditorium probably came on before our regular announcements that began with the Pledge of Allegiance and singing the Star-Spangled Banner. Next thing I know, every one is down and out of school. As to most little kids, all that mattered was being dismissed early for no reason. I only lived a block away. I had nothing to do because my afterschool cartoons weren't going to air till much later and I had already ate breakfast. I walked over to my grandma's which was a few houses away and everyone was watching TV or listening to the radio. I wasn't really grasping on anything so I went back outside. The clear cerulean blue sky was covered with a swarm of burnt pieces of paper. I picked up some that landed on the sidewalk wondering how the hell and where the hell these sheets with grids and numbers came from. I kept some in the back of a notebook, which I now don't know where. My house then was in a neighborhood almost at the bottom of Brooklyn. So to learn that the Twin Towers collapsing was what happened, these papers were flying a long way away from home. After that morning, I don't remember anything else. I'm still just hearing about other people's stories and finding out now that they lost someone. I can't even imagine what other people felt or witnessed.

I heard they're constructing six buildings around Ground Zero as the new World Trade Center now. I've never actually been down there myself but I will when they're done. 9/11 remember forever.

September 3, 2011

how my heart behaves

♫ by Feist

An entry I wrote the summer of third grade on our typewriter.. on looseleaf. It's interesting that I did not remember what happened when I bought the Gameboy Advance XP and how specific I was about things until now. I wrote funny..

♫ I Believe by Simian Mobile Disco
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September 1, 2011

magic works

I'm watching The Prestige