December 31, 2012

mmxii visual diary

These are photographic highlights of each month.
Thanks 2012, you were amazing.

December 28, 2012


Wow, it's been a month long break since my last post. I apologize but there were finals, holidays, and I've been sick for the past week. During the last month, I have obtained many cat scratches and managed to empty out most of my bank account to what it was on January of this year. I haven't used much of my internet life either. I've been mostly on Instagram and on many, many shopping sites checking for sweet deals. To make it up for my lack of presence on the blog, here's a lot of pictures:

November 28, 2012

grain and pixels

These are two color negatives I scanned on my brand-spankin-new scanner(!). I did not take these. I found these two negatives together on a subway floor a few years ago. They had been sitting in every wallet I've changed in and out of until I would one day somehow scan it and see what it really had. Interestingly, they are 35mm shots of the Empire State Building... from someone's computer screen. I thought someone shot this through the screening of their window but then I saw the cursor. Anyway,all my time would be occupied  tonight scanning allll of my negatives ever taken and processed through but they are all in my locker at school. (-___-) Until next time! (If you took this, message me!) ☮

November 8, 2012


Yesterday was one of the most significant days of my life: I voted for the first time. But before that happened, my night was a wreck. It took me three long hours to get home which should have been a less than one hour commute. The highlights of the day were getting back some satisfying scores on my first midterms and finding out we will live in Barry-O's world for the rest of my college life. This will be good.
It's been a very, very slow week though. Being out of school for a week really got to me. My eye muscles were spazzing in the darkroom once we came back and that never happens! Anyway, I made a few prints from the last roll and they've been some of the best so far. I plan on making a series of my family members and friends in the same light situation. Too bad it's getting darker earlier now and that the perfect sunlight comes in when nobody is home. 

Today it snowed an actual blizzard since last Halloween. The MTA is really fucked up right now post-Sandy and getting on the bus during Athena wasn't an option. I walked the fifteen blocks home instead. A New-Yorker's gotta do what a New-Yorker's gotta do. C ya in life~ (follow me on instagram for weird pics mischayl) ☮

November 1, 2012

pre, during, & post-sandy

Before focusing the spotlight on Sandy's disastrous craft and aftermath, my cat is gonna lead the post. These photos were taken way before anyone even knew about the frankenstorm. I can't not photograph her and not share it. Just look at her being comfortable and smug on my new bed. Cutie! She even learned to balance herself on the footboard beams so she can jump on my printer and then on my shelves. Curious cat. Okay, onward to that bitch of a Sandy.. after the jump.

October 24, 2012

i'm happs

I finally got the new iPod touch and it is radically changing my life. My first one was a 3rd generation iPod, second most current is a 4th generation nano. The first one just died, literally died on me. I would still be using it today if it hadn't decided to quit. The second simply ran out of room for my music. And right now with the new one, I haven't even synced any tunes in it yet, I'm just downloading apps like its the right thing to do. I got Cinemagram, an app I have been wanting 4eva, which made these beautiful gifs of my kitty. And Instragram, which I will now use a lot more than I used to. My user is mischayl so add me! 

My first midterms of the college life all took place in the same day, yesterday. I was in the worst mood after those six hours, I just really hate people on public transportation (but now I have an new iPod to attend to). I'm more relaxed now but it would be nice to have Halloween wrap the month upand have Thanksgiving around the corner as soon as possible so I can see my friends again. Anyway, I'm gonna go continue moving in to the App Store now.... ☮

October 20, 2012

colour of moonlight

I still haven't gotten that scanner to upload the rest from these two rolls. Midterms are coming up so hopefully I can just sit at the library and scan everything I have later in the week. Meanwhile, I'll just be listening to Grimes radio on Spotify like no tomorrow. Above: a shot over East River Drive from the Manhattan Bridge, which shakes every time a train passes. Below: a shot of my baby through my grandma's plants.☮

October 13, 2012

urban life

I know I said I would upload photos of my cat from my last roll but after making a few prints, I realized I should probably just scan them except I don't own a film scanner so maybe I should get one because I have tons to scan. So I guess sharing my recent shots will have to wait.. until I find one. On another note, I finished another assignment roll last night. I walked the Manhattan Bridge for the first time and figured out my way around Dumbo and Brooklyn Bridge Park at night. I'm not a fan of night photography with black and white, mostly because I can't do it, but hopefully these frames will come out useful, at the least. Oh New York City.. of course you would be 36° the one night I have to stay outside and then be 72° the following weekend. Happy Mid-Autumn ☮

September 30, 2012


Hi. I ain't dead. I just have nothing to post about recently. I've just been sinking into the couch/my seat watching all the TV premieres I've waited all summer for. I might have new pics tomorrow from the darkroom. Of you know, my cat. I need to look for a job A$AP. Anywaaay, enjoy this gratuitous nail-manicure-courtesy-of-Kate-Spade pic until then. 

September 19, 2012


Got my first tattoo last week! I really love it and will never regret getting this done. It holds many different meanings. I'm not sure what to get next but one day there will be a cat/my cat's name. Speaking of cats, I can hear the alley cats having a fight in my backyard right now. Tough love. 

September 9, 2012

nyfw 2012

Tonight I attended the only show I care about, Zac Posen for SS 2013. I go to see the reason why my mom comes home tired so late at night, the hard work she puts into her job and that the show pays off. I was excited to see such a star-studded and supermodel repped show and getting to see more bloggers this time including Anna Dello Russo and Man Repeller. It was also a surprise that Lourdes Leon from school and Martha Stewart (my house guru) was there. This collection was absolutely stunning with the Lana del Rey waves and floral tulle/organza evening gowns. I think this was also the first time he entered a wedding dress, as worn by Coco Rocha. It looked like swan wings on the corset, so beautiful. Everything was. 

September 7, 2012

fno 2012

Fashion's Night Out this year was pretty nuts. It took me longer to get out of the subway station than the subway rides to get there. We used to arrive early to grab all the free stuff and catch some events but I didn't get to do anything I planned this year. Since my class dismissed so late at night, most of the stores were already closing by the time I showed up. But we still tried to make the most of it wandering through the streets that isn't Broadway. 

September 5, 2012

fireflies and cats

Today was my second day of college, third class this week, and so far I'm pretty content with the schedule. One thing I love about my schedule is that I have so much time to accomplish things before class starts. Like today, my friends and I went to the Whitney Museum trying to get in to see Yayoi Kasuma's Fireflies Exhibit. Unfortunately for some dumb reason, the next showtime available to see the exhibit was at 3. I start class at 3, and we got to the museum before it opened. It was not going to happen. Hopefully, I will go again on a day where I have nothing else to do so I can wait all day on line and get my 2 minutes of alone time in her exhibit. So instead, we saw her other exhibit since we were already in (and it was cuhrazy but not as cuhrazy as the other one). Then we headed to my friend's house and teased her fat cat for a few hours before I had to go back to class. I can still say I feel accomplished after everything that's happened today. I can also say that every post from now on may involve cats. 

August 28, 2012

210 II

My second Fujifilm 210 finally arrived and I already took several photos to see how exposed my film was from last year. And my yoga mat also came so I'm gonna go and search up some videos and do yoga for the next 39053 hours right after this post.

1. My new Brahmin bag I gifted to myself for going to college since nobody else in my family cares. And an exposed film card.
2. Wanted to show off my arm candy but 210 II didn't allow it.
3. 210 II doesn't approve.

I gotta get my shit together now, college is real. 


Today was college orientation and I didn't get to meet anyone new. I've been out and about all day trying to accomplish some things such as catching up with friends I haven't seen all summer. I'm glad to be taking photos again, sooner than I thought, and this definitely will not be the last of it for the next two weeks. My Facebook page is kinda dead but I'm not uploading all my photos there anymore because they have some weird rights about copyrighting my stuff under their name, which is not cool, so instead I'm using the page kind of just to pass the word. Okay? Okay coolcat. 

August 26, 2012

blog redo

I finally did a complete layout renewal to the blog and it's one that I'm actually satisfied with. Wish I had more to share here right now.. I made some Nutella-Swirled Blondies today from scratch. I just took them out of the freezer and have no idea what they taste like. Awkward.. anyway, my next post will probably be about college. I just want to skip to the first day. And I'm sorry my posts have been lacking visual content, I just bought another Fujifilm Instax 210 (because my first fell off my bed last summer) so photos galore there shall! (what?) 

August 25, 2012

productive-ness update

Nobody would have guessed but I volunteered at my local nursing home most of this summer. But what am I doing when I'm not working and makin moneh? Running errands, shopping, cleaning and crafting. That's actually all I've been doing since my summer job ended. Sounds awful to transition from conversing with super seniors to wasting the paychecks on necessary and unnecessary things. BUT no because I also just got my check for my high school art award. Cha chingggg! Anyway, it's not a compensation kind of feeling to have to clean when I shop in the same day. I just clean because I like to see clean and neatly organized things. And since college is beginning way too soon, I feel the strange need to redecorate my house as well even though I'm not dorming. Therefore I went out to the art store yesterday and bought two large canvases and some hemp cord to satisfy my DIY cravings that have to do with being neat and decorative. The canvases are all painted already and were inspired by dis except mine look like tire tracks. And I used the hemp cord to make some bracelets liek dis. Now as of shopping, I am waiting for five packages to arrive before September comes. (This is not an ordinary event in my life.) My ASOS order came today and I still went to the new Marshalls here. But you see, the way I shop is very minimized if you know what I mean. A basket full of things I want usually ends up in two or three items. However on the other hand that cleans, I can buy a whole bunch of crap I think I need in order to make something sparkle and shine. Except today I bought those Magic Eraser things and that was all I needed. I cleaned the whole bathroom with that fabulous white sponge. Who cares? Nobody.

So my college orientation is next week... I don't know what to feel. All I care about now is for fall to come faster. 

August 2, 2012

midsummer dream

A post just to update, with little things around the house. Also experimenting with some new curves. Also I redid my hair. Also I have instagram: mischayl. Also. Also. Also this summer has been productive. Also I don't know English grammar anymore. ☮

PS: I don't know if many of you know but I've added a jump link to my recent posts. 

July 17, 2012

gracie mansion

Our first high school reunion took place at Mayor Bloomberg's yard. Hahaha just kidding, the chancellor just invited the recipients of arts-endorsed diplomas to a barbecue and that includes most of us from school! But why it took place at the house of the only man in town who is trying to cut art classes, I don't have a fucking clue. These are photos from before and after the reception at the beautiful Carl Schurz Park. 

July 11, 2012


Photos developed from mid June to yesterday:

June 26, 2012


I'm so glad it's all over. I am totally done with the NYC Public School system. This Class of 2012 graduated at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center, the name and place we have been waiting for all year.

June 20, 2012


Here's to all the hard work accomplished the last four years. I initially wasn't for the idea of even attending prom but my mom made me go saying I would regret it. I was just really discouraged to go after spending so much money this year and after all the shit the school gave us. We deserved it even though it's a high school tradition. I guess I'm glad I went, the food was amazing and I loved seeing everyone look more classier than ever. These two pics are pre-prom. I took everything else on film. Can't wait to develop them! (Yes, I wore my glasses. Sue me. They're stylish ok)

June 8, 2012

enough about my life, let's talk movies

Somewhere someday I'm going to need this list and I thought I would share it with everyone. I've compiled several of my favorite movies, actually specific scenes with a good soundtrack that I will always remember, in no particular order. They're the parts that inspire me as an artist and as a person. If you haven't seen them, you better check them out now or we will never be friends.

Pride and Prejudice (2005) Dawn Scene:
The director's zooming in this whole film is so unnecessary in my opinion and always cracks me up but the amount of swag that's put into Mr. Darcy's walk cancels it out. This scene makes me lose all senses from my entire body (just exaggerating but still). I guess I have a weakness for foggy sunrises and men with sideburns who struts miles in the night to see his woman.

Spirited Away (2001) Dragon Boy Scene:
Okay it's actually this whole soundtrack I love first and then the arts production second. I can't supply the exact scene of this song but it's just the song I wanted to share anyway. It's so powerful and dramatic, it has the ability to take you to the other world (yes it does), it's so mesmerizing even without a visual. If my school's orchestra played this entire movie soundtrack, I'd buy every show just to hear it. Instrumental music that gives you goosebumps.. loves it. 

10 Things I Hate About You (1999) Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You Scene:
Heath Ledger. High School. And one of the only songs I've grown up listening to on the Winamp Media Player on my Microsoft Windows 98. Dassit.

Princess Diaries (2001) The Whole Damn Movie:
Sorry but Youtube limited some of the possibilities of sharing my favorite scenes so I guess I'll just have to say the whole movie was one of my favorites because it really was. It made me wish I lived in San Francisco in the 00's from the I'm Supergirl scene to Miracles Happen scene. I'm jealous. I wish I was a princess of some made-up land.

Life Size (2000) Be A Star Scene:
12 years later and I still sing this song. I had this on VHS and it was probably the first movie where I actually cried at the end. If I watch it now I'll probably also be crying for Lindsay's childhood. Now Tyra is Tyra and I admire her for being such a great role model for many kids but..... no buts, this was a great movie from my childhood and I will always remember it.

Pretty In Pink (1986) Try A Little Tenderness Scene:
Molly Ringwald started my love for the 80s and all the works of John Hughes. However it is Jon Cryer of all people who made me love the energy of the 80s. I mean what the heck is happening? I don't know, I don't care, I love it! My god I would totally let anyone who swoops in at the right time through my record store door to lip-sync to soul music even if he was planning on robbing me. Just let the whole atmosphere setup be like this.

Howl's Moving Castle (2004) Howl's Hair Scene:
From Christian Bale's sexy voice to Howl's butt-crack of a wizard in this scene, this is one of my top favorite movies ever. I couldn't stop reenacting this scene with my sister after watching it for the first time. When people ask me what my favorite movie is, it's not so easy to answer as long as the film industry keeps going but I always say "Howl's Moving Castle". Miyazaki has this magical way of creating beautifully extravagant and elaborately decorative worlds. I don't know what he takes to imagine these things, but I want it. And Josh Hutcherson was just a little cutie when he made this!

It Takes Two (1995) Wedding Scene:
This movie!!!1 Holy shit.. Okay I stole this VHS from my cousins when we were little and it's probably still in my house somewhere. So I stole it and still kept it because it made such an impact on my childhood.  This single movie plays a huge chunk of my love for the Olsen twins. It was my most quotable movie before Mean Girls. The Parent Trap is probably somewhere in that interval as well. This movie made me want to play hardcore street baseball with other 6 year-olds and spit gum in dumb bitches' hair. My favorite twins! Cutest movie ever no matter how cheesy.

Twin Peaks (1990) Intro Scene:
This isn't a movie but it should be considered one since the TV show only ran one season. One season or not, it was fucking amazing. I actually had not heard of it until last summer. I had nothing better to do with my time when I came back from Boston so I watched literally everything Netflix had to offer on Instant. Twin Peaks was one of the wisest choices I've ever made. I usually don't sit through 3-minute long intros but Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch made me sit through them (as long as my air conditioner was on) and in Lynch's crazy, subconscious, fucked up fantasy worlds.. I watched the whole season in two days. When one episode ended, the next one followed in no matter of time.

Drive (2011) Elevator Scene:
If I knew Nicolas Refn was capable of directing such a magnificent masterpiece, then maybe I would have watched all his other movies before this. But I actually watched it for my baby Ryan. Who, in this scene exactly, is the reason why my hormones cannot control themselves. Besides the violent-as-fuck head stomping, the freaking dramatic lighting and slow-mo awkward-but-really-isn't kiss scene is enough for my I-have-the-hots-for-Gosling radar to break from detecting too much attraction. The casting was perfect and the soundtrack, I may have said this before, is SUPERBLY ACE. If I lived in LA, I probably would have put on my varsity jacket and drive down the highway at night listening to the same exact pop tracks right after watching this.

August Rush (2007) Final Scene:
This performance, er song, is 7 minutes long and I had to download it on my iPod once I saw it. I get goosebumps listening to it on the subway or I twitch if I fell asleep. The odds of any of the events in this movie to happen in real life like a little orphan kid conducting the New York Philharmonic Orchestra is most likely very slim or no chance to happen at all but it was a goddamn amazing visual inspiration for me as an artist who goes to school in this hood (REPRESENT). Nah though really, I wish I was even across the street when they were filming this, the music is perfect for summer breezy nights in the city.. especially when you're leading the stage and find out your biological parents found each other and then you.

This list isn't complete yet but I hope you enjoyed what interests and inspires me.... so far or not idk. I will add more in another post when I come up with more favorites.

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May 19, 2012

vanishing point

Yesterday was the opening of my school's final senior art show: VANISHING POINT. It included the works of 12 students including me. We all worked really hard to agree on the same terms for every little thing and that's not an easy thing for a large group. Since I had so much free time and because I work faster independently, I created the designs for the show poster, cards, and bulletin board. Designs were done in 2 weeks and the show went up in 3 days. It was bananas. The show still runs through next Friday, which makes it a short exhibit, but my school is poor and full of shit so I have to deal with it. I wish all of you could go see it! I waited 4 years for this and all year to prepare for it. APs are over, it's almost June, and I'm done working on the show, I now have senioritis.

April 13, 2012

it's friday the 13th

Today :
  • I took about 7 trains just to get to another neighborhood in Brooklyn
  • all the trains were arriving on time (never happens)
  • I got a roll of film developed  (more than half came out shitty)
  • I helped a woman and her dog return someone's phone
  • I ordered a latte at Dunkin Donuts for the first time this year
  • and almost died from that latte because of all the caramel the lady put in it
  • I went to the mall and shopped alone 
  • a woman asked me for fashion advice
  • I am watching Grey's Anatomy 
  • my back aches like a bitch
  • is Friday the 13th


Next to the Cloisters is this beautiful view




SENIOR TRIP 2012 (foggy mountains - our final destination)

the Skylift at Hershey Park


April 12, 2012

now you're just somebody that I used to know

♫ by Gotye

Hi. It's been nearly a month since I last posted. I haven't had time to post but it's spring break now.. and not many interesting things have happened. I've tried to make every day during this break as most productive as possible and so far, I have. I haven't started on any of the 38947 essays I'm assigned this break though because this is supposed to be a break where I relax and shit but clearly, my school doesn't understand the existence of second-semester seniors. Speaking of school, I'm totally set for college. I've already gotten my schedule. (YAAAaaaassss!!) And I got accepted to Pratt the same day SVA said my deposit and health forms were confirmed. A little too slow, Pratt...

I got into the Hunger Games hype. I haven't started the next two books but the first was sooooOOOoo00oo good. The movie was awful. I only watched it for Rue's scene. I'll finish the series after I'm done with Sons and Lovers for English and Invisible Monsters for fun. The transition from Hunger Games to any of these books I'm reading now is like from eating chocolate cake to a slice of whole-wheat bread. They're so boring in comparison but like I said, I'm trying to make myself productive this week.

Last weekend, we drove out to Hershey Park.. because we could. There was no planning ahead, just woke up 7am that day and decided to go there. Did you know it only costs a buck to go to Hershey but $12 to enter New York City? What do they do with that money? How are the streets and subway systems still so shitty? Why is my school still so shitty? Here is a photo of what I thought was us heading straight for a giant, dark lake when driving out of Hershey. They never have lights out there..just a lil dangerous.

I watched the movie Drive finally. I think my TV was running on a Ryan Gosling marathon because Crazy, Stupid, Love came up next (which was cute). Anyway, I really liked Drive. I watched a Conan interview (I've been watching a lot of Conan O'Brien. Is this healthy or real life) with Ryan and he said it's like Pretty In Pink with head-smashing and it really is which is probably why I love it. The driving in LA at night with old pop playing is awesome. I really love the director's cinematic eye for the film. I suggest y'all watch it (and the interview) (too much swag).

And hopefully to make up for a long-delayed post, here are a few photos I have taken this whole time I was living life and I'll finally be getting a roll of film developed tomorrow! yayayyaya

This post is dedicated in loving memory of my former English teacher Karyn Kay, we will never forget you. Rest in peace. 

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