January 30, 2012


It's almost 8pm and I'm still wearing yesterday's clothes. I pulled an all-nighter Saturday night first reason being it was the last day of the trip so why not and second being that sleeping in the crack between two beds with both mattresses moving was so uncomfortable. I slept every other 10 minutes on a chair.

As our senior trip, we went to Hudson Valley Resort in upstate New York. It was a really nice retreat from the city life for a weekend. I mean what's more fun that staying at a hotel unchaperoned with all your friends? Even the security was too chill about the curfew. I didn't take a lot of pictures because I just wanted to hang out and take in the trip as a senior trip.

Since the last post, I've gotten accepted! To one college: SVA. It was the one and only school I really wanted to go to so I decided not to apply to Parsons or MICA or USD afterwards because I'd rather go to SVA than the rest. This also means that if I get accepted to NYU or USC, I'll have to go through the most difficult decision of my life. I applied to those schools only because my mom and counselor suggested to as a what-the-heck-why-not thing. Fuck. I also got my own Senior Art Show at my school! Hollaaa it's in the summer so I have a lot of time to print everything/shoot more. Another achievement is being published in Teen Ink again! I haven't seen it in print yet. I'll keep submitting until I land on the cover.

The spring semester begins tomorrow.. it will be effortless. Damn, if I don't get anything for the Art and Writing Awards by the 1st.. I'll be sad. I submitted a whole photo portfolio. Whatevs, my birthday is in less than a week and that's all that matters right now. Mo monayz n prezs 4 me