January 10, 2012

stole this from someone yesterday

1: Apart from tumblr, what do you like to do in your spare time? read other blogs
2: Name a favorite of each: food, drink, color. Italian salad, coffee, gold
3: If you married rich and your spouse gave you $100,000 a week, what would you spend it on? I'd save up and buy a sweet apartment
4: Name a favorite of each: book, movie, tv show. Thirteen Reasons Why, Perfume, Twin Peaks
5: If you were given the opportunity to spend 48 hours with absolutely anyone (living or dead), who would you spend it with and what would you do?recently, I've been wanting to hang out with Andy Samberg just so we can sing Lonely Island together.
6: Name a LEAST favorite of each: food, drink, color. tuna, energy drinks, yellow
7: What do you spend most of your money on? food
8: What kind of underwear do you prefer wearing? hiphuggas
9: Name a LEAST favorite of each: book, movie, tv show. Dubliners by James Joyce, The Mist or Fog or whatever it was so stupid, that Kardashian show
10: If you were sat on a plane beside your favorite celebrity, what would you do? share what we have in common and then swap numbers
11: What is the strangest thing you have in your room? (You are not allowed to explain why you own it.) a box of 10 packaging boxes
12: What is a weird habit you have, or people have told you have. (Weird, not bad. No nail biting or any of that nonsense.) I bite the dead skin off my lips and around my fingers a lot
13: What would you consider to be the biggest insult to yourself? I can't take pictures
14: What are five things you absolutely have to have in your dream house? door screens from Morocco, a walking closet, a beautiful staircase, coffer ceilings or some kind of ceiling design, a living room 2 stories tall
15: If you could be reincarnated as any animal, which would you chose and why? a cat and be like this house is mine bitch give me food
16: Which band (current or past) would you want to go on tour* with? (*Travel with, not perform with.) Ze Strokes
17: Name a favorite of each: band, album, song. Washed Out, Phrazes for the Young, Change of Heart by El Perro del Mar
18: Why is your favorite band your favorite? they create beautiful music
19: How many concerts have you attended? Which was your favorite? Least favorite? If none, who do you want to see live the most? very few, don't have a favorite or least favorite yet. I want to see The Strokes, Yeahyeahyeahs, Twin Sister, Sia, and Adele live.
20: What is one of your favorite song lyrics? (Who is it by?) off the top of my head: If you forget it all, I will bring it with me; If you can't find the sea, I will take you there by Twin Sister
21: Who do you ship? what?
22: What band merch do you own? If any, whose is it and when did you get it? If none, whose do you wish you owned? Oh my god. I have Cobra Starship, Norma Jean, MGMT, The Kills.. and idk. I wish I had a Strokes shirt.
23: How did you learn of the band that is currently your favorite? a playlist
24: What celebrity do you idolize the most? Emma Watson, Natalie Portman, Julian Casablancas, Audrey Hepburn idk
25: Which member from which band would you most want to lather in nutella? damn I don't even know

Hi guys! I've finished 5 applications! The pain is almost over... I should do my overdue homework soon. I only care about my cat when I'm home now. I clean her shit and then give her food and love. Update! I got my new glasses finallyyyy. They're so swag but the prescription is still crap, I should get it fixed soon. Here are some webcam photos to make up for my photo hiatus.

And here is a little book I made over the summer called Miss Obvious and Her Adventures: