February 20, 2012

we can grow brighter than the sun

Let's catch up. I neglect writing here a lot but not everyone likes facebook so I have to post here. For my birthday, I got new lens! They are 85mm f/1.8 lens for my Canon dslr. You have to stand like 50ft+ away to get a full body shot but the bokeh is so beautifullll. I brought it with me to Fashion Week here in New York for the only show I can get into and want to see: Zac Posen for FW2012. Dita von Teese was standing right behind me when she entered! She's so amazing and flawless. The collection was inspired by Japanese culture with pagoda clutches and empress-esque jackets and oriental patterns. I wonder how he was inspired by this Asian fusion. Another celebrity siting in the past week was of Betsey Johnson. My friend and I were grabbing a snack at a local cafe after the Met and there she was by coincidence! With her niece or granddaughter or whatever.

It's midwinter break and it's been pretty productive for me. Well so far. Go to Ikea, check. Clean room, check. Meet friends I haven't seen in forever, check. Play some ball, check (a plus for playing with strangers!). Order something online, check (haven't done so in over a month..). All I need now is to go bowling, ice skating before the rink closes, get a tat, get my permit, and finish my homework that was due last week. :) I hope yours is going good too!

Here's a photo I used to prank my friend telling her I cut my hair:

Here's a photo of my cat ambushing me and my slow reaction:

And here's a photo of me and my terrified cat after trying to get pictures with her:

BTDUBS: I'm selling shoes.