February 25, 2012

what's today? Saturday?

♫ I Know Places by Lykke Li

I've forgotten. All I know is that the last time my brain functioned was last week. I keep telling myself to start my homework now because procrastination has always led me to oversleeping and missing first period when school resumes. It's not working. I'll probably do it Monday anyway. School just isn't serious anymore, it's a chore. I just want to go to college already and make new friends and have my own dorm room where I can wake up to skyscrapers every morning. The tallest buildings here in Brooklyn are probably condos and luckily I don't live near any to block my view of the horizon.

I wasn't particularly motivated by anything to write this post. I just needed to tell the internet and all its friends that I want the next four months to go by quickly. The only thing I want to see right now are tickets to my graduation. I hate summer but we also need some real nice weather right now. It was 59 degrees for a few days and then 28 the next. This was my whole winter: bipolar temperatures. I left the house for the first time in a few days today to check out our new car (we got a new car btw) and I don't even know how to describe the weather. Keywords are dewy, wet, sunny, breezy, heavily windy, breathable air. I was going to go out yesterday but mother nature was obviously having a bad day with all her gloom and dark skies and harsh rain... so I stayed in bed till 2pm and the only productive things I did were ask my cousin to make cookies and throw out our dead flowers.

Whatever awaits me, I am ready. I'll get my homework done.. one day...get my permit, get my right lobe re-pierced, finish my unfinished garments I did halfway, and anything else I was supposed to do in a land before time. I am so bored. I wish I had money. And the ability to drive.

(luvvv the last 2 minutes)