March 13, 2012

wrong games

♫ by Lana del Rey x Biggie Smalls

It was over 70 degrees today and technically, it's still winter. I'm loving these days of more sun after having to forward our clocks for daylight savings but it hasn't been as fun in the mornings. I oversleep because I think it's still midnight or something when it's actually time to get up. The afternoons however.. consist of soaking in the sun on the bus ride home. In Manhattan I'll be like "I'm gonna go to the beach" but when I arrive in Brooklyn I'm like "...what is this coldness fuck the beach" because I live near the water.

My cat.. is so goddamn cute. She loves ping pong balls and sleeping.

So last week, I shot my friend's fashion portfolio in time for her London school interviews. I hadn't touched a strobe light since last year and we only had an hour and half to snap everything. It was all good though because I love what I do and I do it well. To me, editing is just as fun as taking the photos so I just got the whole portfolio done in about 4 hours. I'm proud .. of myself.. is that allowed? I think so. Since this weather is becoming just so freaking amazing, I am so excited to be shooting on location again. So many ideas and so little time.. why does school just have to get in the way. GET HERE FASTER APRIL 1.

PS: I cut my hair. 9 inches are gone. It's still pretty long..
PPS: Selling floral mary-jane platforms @ store blog.