April 12, 2012

now you're just somebody that I used to know

♫ by Gotye

Hi. It's been nearly a month since I last posted. I haven't had time to post but it's spring break now.. and not many interesting things have happened. I've tried to make every day during this break as most productive as possible and so far, I have. I haven't started on any of the 38947 essays I'm assigned this break though because this is supposed to be a break where I relax and shit but clearly, my school doesn't understand the existence of second-semester seniors. Speaking of school, I'm totally set for college. I've already gotten my schedule. (YAAAaaaassss!!) And I got accepted to Pratt the same day SVA said my deposit and health forms were confirmed. A little too slow, Pratt...

I got into the Hunger Games hype. I haven't started the next two books but the first was sooooOOOoo00oo good. The movie was awful. I only watched it for Rue's scene. I'll finish the series after I'm done with Sons and Lovers for English and Invisible Monsters for fun. The transition from Hunger Games to any of these books I'm reading now is like from eating chocolate cake to a slice of whole-wheat bread. They're so boring in comparison but like I said, I'm trying to make myself productive this week.

Last weekend, we drove out to Hershey Park.. because we could. There was no planning ahead, just woke up 7am that day and decided to go there. Did you know it only costs a buck to go to Hershey but $12 to enter New York City? What do they do with that money? How are the streets and subway systems still so shitty? Why is my school still so shitty? Here is a photo of what I thought was us heading straight for a giant, dark lake when driving out of Hershey. They never have lights out there..just a lil dangerous.

I watched the movie Drive finally. I think my TV was running on a Ryan Gosling marathon because Crazy, Stupid, Love came up next (which was cute). Anyway, I really liked Drive. I watched a Conan interview (I've been watching a lot of Conan O'Brien. Is this healthy or real life) with Ryan and he said it's like Pretty In Pink with head-smashing and it really is which is probably why I love it. The driving in LA at night with old pop playing is awesome. I really love the director's cinematic eye for the film. I suggest y'all watch it (and the interview) (too much swag).

And hopefully to make up for a long-delayed post, here are a few photos I have taken this whole time I was living life and I'll finally be getting a roll of film developed tomorrow! yayayyaya

This post is dedicated in loving memory of my former English teacher Karyn Kay, we will never forget you. Rest in peace. 

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