May 19, 2012

vanishing point

Yesterday was the opening of my school's final senior art show: VANISHING POINT. It included the works of 12 students including me. We all worked really hard to agree on the same terms for every little thing and that's not an easy thing for a large group. Since I had so much free time and because I work faster independently, I created the designs for the show poster, cards, and bulletin board. Designs were done in 2 weeks and the show went up in 3 days. It was bananas. The show still runs through next Friday, which makes it a short exhibit, but my school is poor and full of shit so I have to deal with it. I wish all of you could go see it! I waited 4 years for this and all year to prepare for it. APs are over, it's almost June, and I'm done working on the show, I now have senioritis.