June 20, 2012


Here's to all the hard work accomplished the last four years. I initially wasn't for the idea of even attending prom but my mom made me go saying I would regret it. I was just really discouraged to go after spending so much money this year and after all the shit the school gave us. We deserved it even though it's a high school tradition. I guess I'm glad I went, the food was amazing and I loved seeing everyone look more classier than ever. These two pics are pre-prom. I took everything else on film. Can't wait to develop them! (Yes, I wore my glasses. Sue me. They're stylish ok)

After prom, we just hit up Liz's house because the other parties were stupid. Sunday was a lounging day which included a 3 hour brunch session. Phil slept over the next few days, one including going to Coney Island and Luna Park for the first time in a long while, with Amanda. Our adventure pretty much ran on spontaneity because nowhere in our right mind would we have thought of riding the Cyclone. 18 years living in Brooklyn and I have never ridden this thing. I had always been scared because it's a wooden roller coaster. My yelling was vibrating, that's how bumpy it was.

Yesterday, I went back to my elementary school to watch my lil bro perform at his lil graduation. I'm going to be 30 when this kid graduates high school... And today, I went for a job interview and walked back home with the scorching sun breathing down my back. It is 97 right now. I could die. ☮