August 28, 2012

210 II

My second Fujifilm 210 finally arrived and I already took several photos to see how exposed my film was from last year. And my yoga mat also came so I'm gonna go and search up some videos and do yoga for the next 39053 hours right after this post.

1. My new Brahmin bag I gifted to myself for going to college since nobody else in my family cares. And an exposed film card.
2. Wanted to show off my arm candy but 210 II didn't allow it.
3. 210 II doesn't approve.

I gotta get my shit together now, college is real. 


Today was college orientation and I didn't get to meet anyone new. I've been out and about all day trying to accomplish some things such as catching up with friends I haven't seen all summer. I'm glad to be taking photos again, sooner than I thought, and this definitely will not be the last of it for the next two weeks. My Facebook page is kinda dead but I'm not uploading all my photos there anymore because they have some weird rights about copyrighting my stuff under their name, which is not cool, so instead I'm using the page kind of just to pass the word. Okay? Okay coolcat. 

August 26, 2012

blog redo

I finally did a complete layout renewal to the blog and it's one that I'm actually satisfied with. Wish I had more to share here right now.. I made some Nutella-Swirled Blondies today from scratch. I just took them out of the freezer and have no idea what they taste like. Awkward.. anyway, my next post will probably be about college. I just want to skip to the first day. And I'm sorry my posts have been lacking visual content, I just bought another Fujifilm Instax 210 (because my first fell off my bed last summer) so photos galore there shall! (what?) 

August 25, 2012

productive-ness update

Nobody would have guessed but I volunteered at my local nursing home most of this summer. But what am I doing when I'm not working and makin moneh? Running errands, shopping, cleaning and crafting. That's actually all I've been doing since my summer job ended. Sounds awful to transition from conversing with super seniors to wasting the paychecks on necessary and unnecessary things. BUT no because I also just got my check for my high school art award. Cha chingggg! Anyway, it's not a compensation kind of feeling to have to clean when I shop in the same day. I just clean because I like to see clean and neatly organized things. And since college is beginning way too soon, I feel the strange need to redecorate my house as well even though I'm not dorming. Therefore I went out to the art store yesterday and bought two large canvases and some hemp cord to satisfy my DIY cravings that have to do with being neat and decorative. The canvases are all painted already and were inspired by dis except mine look like tire tracks. And I used the hemp cord to make some bracelets liek dis. Now as of shopping, I am waiting for five packages to arrive before September comes. (This is not an ordinary event in my life.) My ASOS order came today and I still went to the new Marshalls here. But you see, the way I shop is very minimized if you know what I mean. A basket full of things I want usually ends up in two or three items. However on the other hand that cleans, I can buy a whole bunch of crap I think I need in order to make something sparkle and shine. Except today I bought those Magic Eraser things and that was all I needed. I cleaned the whole bathroom with that fabulous white sponge. Who cares? Nobody.

So my college orientation is next week... I don't know what to feel. All I care about now is for fall to come faster. 

August 2, 2012

midsummer dream

A post just to update, with little things around the house. Also experimenting with some new curves. Also I redid my hair. Also I have instagram: mischayl. Also. Also. Also this summer has been productive. Also I don't know English grammar anymore. ☮

PS: I don't know if many of you know but I've added a jump link to my recent posts.